Maria Kharlantseva

Content Manager

Maria is our miss “how-to-write-it-in-the-best-way”. No one in the Ester team writes such comprehensive and detailed but easy-to-read and funny articles as she does. If she isn’t writing blog posts about web design, she is probably reading 17th-century English poets.

Articles by Maria Kharlantseva


Brand Awareness: Conquering More Branding Territories

Every company wants to be instantly recognized and have an army of faithful customers. Building a brand that is a household name is a venture that can take years to accomplish. Think of all the business giants that pop up in every topic relating to big brands and moguls. They’ve been around for a long...


Social Media Branding: How to Use Social Media to Invent or Reinvent Yourself

We are hard-wired for communication, and we tend to share our experiences, expose ideas, and interact. That’s the reason why social media is so powerful nowadays. When building your account on a social media platform, you have an opportunity to create a strong identity and gather people around you who will support the same viewpoint...


Web Design Agency vs Freelance Web Designer: Clash of the Titans

It’s no secret that any design project involves a great deal of work. And pain. Sometimes it’s easier to relegate a little piece of that pain to someone else – for example, a third party that is qualified to carry out the designated scope of work for you. There are several options to achieve that....


The Biggest Moments of the Year, or Congratulations, We Survived 2020

2020 has been a crazy rollercoaster. Let’s just say there were a lot of challenges and new experiences. Lots of ups and definitely lots of downs (bet you can name a few of the top of your head). With the COVID-19 pandemic, lockdowns, and radical decrease in customer rates, many companies have lost a large...


How to Decorate Your Website for the Holidays: The Warrior’s Way

We think we are expressing everyone’s sentiment when we say that we’re happy that Christmas is finally here so that 2020 would be over. This year has been quite something, hasn’t it? The only thing that could make it somewhat bearable is if we dive into a consumerism pool and look through Christmas-related stuff online....

How_ to_leverage_customer_referrals_to_grow_your_business

How to Leverage Customer Referrals to Grow Your Business

Digital marketing is the king. Being part of it, referral marketing is earning more and more popularity, making dozens of companies turn to it to strengthen their positions. The businesses are using the help of customer referrals to leverage their performance. Such an approach is a reasoned and smart business position. Most of the websites...


What is Brand Storytelling: Dispel the Darkness and Gain Recognition

In previous articles, we have already touched upon issues concerning what the brand is and how to develop it. This time we want to share more relevant insights into the brand-building subject. That is the brand storytelling. By now, you probably realize that contributing exclusively to the quality and quantity of the product doesn’t guarantee...


How to Brand Your Company: Branding a Business From Scratch

In one of our previous posts, we have already talked about the definition of the brand, its types, and its importance for any business. Being a customer-oriented company that we are, we will save you the trouble of looking it up on our website and writing angry comments – here it is. As a company...

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