Kanban Board for Gitlab

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This task board for GitLab features full two-way integration. Features include: task management, task assignment, notifications and automatic updates. Offers fantastic performance because it's produced in Golang. Complete with responsive mobile web version.


There was a need in building Kanban board with custom design. Despite of there are already tons of similar products in the market, Client had specific personal goals to be achieved by implementing personalized UI and UX for task manager.


The ultimate mix of minimalistic design and must-have actions was applied for UI/UX in order to manipulate with different variety and quantity of tasks and, at the same time, with the minimum of efforts. End User is able to see only two screens: the 1st one with the list of projects, and the 2nd one with Kanban board for a specific project. In addition to basic functionality, there is a filtering logic implemented to hide/show items based on labels, milestones and users. All the aspects of GitLab platform were taken into consideration while building the app.


Simple and cozy Kanban board was built with custom user interface and user experience that allows to manage software development projects of any complexity.



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