Powered by a team of outstanding UI\UX designers and front-end developers, Ester Digital can gather and visualise any type of information in any industry and their departments: management strategy, marketing & sales, strategic marketing, HR, financing etc.

So, data visualisation and dashboard design services can help you to:

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Explore Your Data

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Develop Insights

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Improve Performance

Our Commitment To Your Business Needs

Other data visualisation companies exist but here, at Ester, we appreciate more than others that every business needs powerful tools to visualise its data and convert it into insightful, practical and easy to use reports for your team members. Our dashboard designers know how to present data visualisation in the right way for different audiences: we understand that people are different and every piece of information they see can be interpreted in a different way.

Our data visualisation services can assist you to make clean and informative reports, present the right data for different user roles in your company, make your reports exportable for PowerPoint or Keynote presentations, design and develop a tablet or mobile version of a dashboard design and also create a special version for people with special needs.


Once your dashboard has been fully designed and tested, we are ready to implement it using custom JavaScript libraries and\or well-known products like:

  • D3.js

  • ThreeJS

  • Chart.js

  • Power BI

  • Google Data Studio

  • React Virtualized + React Vis + Victory

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Integration With Third-Party Services

In addition, Ester Digital as a data visualisation company can help you to integrate and leverage your data by designing and developing an intelligently designed data warehouse which will help you to standardise and access your data from a single location, improve your analysis by choosing the right technology and provide more access control for your users.

Data sources we’ve worked with: APIs + Excel, CSV, and Text files, various proprietary CSV files