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The Power of B2B Brand Identity: Why It Matters in Today’s Business Landscape

Every business owner knows that without a tight-knit B2B brand identity it is impossible to build a successful company. In respect that the B2B sector is known for its high competitiveness, the approach to branding B2B transcends traditional boundaries of marketing. It is evolving into a cornerstone of strategic business differentiation and client engagement. In...

Ultimate Checklist for B2B Website Development

In 2024, developing a digital platform in the B2B sector demands an unconventional approach. It requires a specialized strategy specifically tailored to meet sophisticated business needs. Partnering with a professional B2B website agency that understands the nuances of B2B website strategy and the importance of a powerful web presence, can be an ideal option. Since...

Exploring the Anatomy of Website Look and Feel

According to recent Statista research, the number of internet users reached 5.35 billion in January 2024. It means that websites are one of the most effective forms of business promotion. That’s why the look and feel of a website emerges as a pivotal factor, merging visual allure with functional grace to create unforgettable user journeys...

Responsive Design Best Practices for 2024

In 2024, the digital realm continues advancing and responsive web design becomes more crucial. Nowadays, users predominantly access the internet through their smartphones. That’s why it is important to create web experiences that adapt seamlessly across different devices. So, businesses need to find a responsive website design service that can professionally cover these demands.  This...

How to Hire a UX/UI Designer in 2024: Guide by Ester Digital

In 2024, the need for proficient UX/UI designers offering top-notch UX/UI design services is more pronounced than ever. Companies are increasingly focusing on crafting engaging, user-friendly, and aesthetically appealing digital experiences.  We’ve created the 2024 guide for recruiting UX/UI designers, designed to help businesses, HR professionals, and team leaders navigate the complexities of hiring top...

Best Color Combinations
Discovering the Best Color Combinations in Web Design

When designing a website, developing a web application, or creating a logo, entrepreneurs always try to convey the main idea of their brand through effective color combinations, as everyone wants their business to be associated with a particular mood. For example, with a business that sells homemade sweets and cakes, you might associate something bright...

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