What is the simplest way to organize the onboarding process for employees or manage corporate learning to bring your clients’ service to an entirely new level? When it comes to improving the team qualification, many business owners turn to e-learning system development as the best way to fulfill their needs.

As an e-learning development company, Ester Digital helps various businesses design, develop or revamp a custom e-learning system. Whether you are working at a hospital, college, government corporation, training center, K-12, government agency, non-profit organization, private or public company, our team of excellent designers and developers digitize your knowledge base and transform it into a functional and easy-to-use learning management system (LMS).

If you are thinking about investing in e-learning development and looking for a reliable partner to implement all your ideas and deliver the EdTech portal of your dream, you are in the right place.

Our Services

Custom E-learning Design

One thing that sets us apart from others is our absolute dedication to striking a balance between the beauty and functionality of our crafted products. We hope you feel the same. Here at Ester, the beauty of the solutions we deliver does not make them less practical, thus the e-learning design we create is user-centric and clear for all kinds of users.

Most learners truly appreciate not only the aesthetics of a platform but its practicality and functionality as well. No one likes heavy interfaces with numbers of pop-ups, inputs, and nonviable forms. Our T-shaped expertise in UI/UX and custom e-learning design allows us to leverage any educational software to solve your learners’ key needs. When working with Ester Digital, you get a fully optimized and responsive web design any learner will like.

Custom E-learning Development

Popular and successful e-learning portals include, among other things, intuitive design. As learning management systems imply a day-by-day operation, their bug-free performance is an important requirement. Having worked with a number of clients, our approach has always been the same: we deliver nothing less than an easy-to-use and effective solution.

Among the many e-learning development companies, Ester sticks to three basic development principles:

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We delve deep into your business problems
and do our best to solve them as swiftly as possible.

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We are involved in every stage of the development
process, as all tasks are carried out in-house.

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We test our solutions over and over again before they go live
to ensure failure-free operation for your learners.

What We Can Help You With

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Custom LMS development

We deliver a tailor-made LMS solution designed to fix your problems. Focusing on your business uniqueness, we create a system based on your working processes and manage its flawless integration with your software.

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Revamping your outdated LMS

Have an outdated platform that doesn’t cover your needs anymore? We are committed to bringing innovative solutions to life. We will refresh your LMS and clean it from legacy code and outdated designs.

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Open-source LMS customization and maintenance

Modifying even a well-documented solution is a challenging task for a non-tech person. We can help you to add new functionality, optimize processes inside your LMS and make it white-label by applying your brand attributes.

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Migrating to a new LMS system from an existing one

As your business evolves, so should your LMS. Moving to a new learning management system is easy with Ester. We can help you manage the migration with no data loss and ensure flawless performance during the transition.

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Third-party integrations with your LMS

Immersed in your business, we create coherence between your LMS and any third-party software you are working with including CRMs, webinar apps, marketing and analytics tools, payment systems, and many others.

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Gamification and quiz development

We believe in the power of gamification for education. With in-house designers and developers, we deliver innovative solutions for our clients and aid the increase in learner engagement and motivation using games and quizzes.

What You’ll Get

Responsive and mobile-ready software
The trend nowadays is shifting towards the prevalent usage of smartphones and tablets. We design a mobile-ready software reachable on any type of device. Make the learning process for your learners as comfortable as possible.

Clear and high utility system
It’s all about the User Experience for us. We put users at the heart of our e-learning solutions and deliver systems with simple navigation and seamless onboarding. We help your users to concentrate on learning rather than the LMS interface.

Reliable and scalable solution
For most complex products we use a microservice-based architecture, that empowers your system’s scalability and gives you enough space to implement multi-CDN servers. Your content will be stored in many data centers around the globe and will be easily delivered to your learners without delay.

Scorm and xAPI integration
We will help you to integrate your solution with any third-party ERP, CRM, or HRIS. Our broad experience in flawless integrations helps us to connect your LMS with collaborative tools, online payment gateways, email marketing software, and many other systems you need to smooth the process of LMS management.

Achieve even more flexibility
Every important part of your system will be delivered as a module. That way you can forget about the problems of multi-language functionality or the daunting task of revamping, or improving a codebase. No more inconveniences – just a powerful and effective LMS ready to grow with your business.

Well sometimes it is quite complicated to explain simplicity!

We let our work speak for itself.


Our Clients

Education sector
We design exclusive educational software that increases rates of student enrollment and, as a result, competition ratios of your institution. Make the learning process interactive, interesting and effective.

Corporations & SMEs
We provide aid in improving employee qualification and retention rates by implementing an enterprise-grade custom e-learning design. Upgrade your employees’ skills and keep them motivated with the help of LMS created just for your business.

Non-profit organizations
We can enhance the engagement of your volunteers and keep them involved in your processes. Get access to the flexible, mobile-friendly, crystal clear e-learning system that inspires you to keep improving.

Healthcare companies
We help hospitals and healthcare non-profit organizations to train their teams and volunteers by applying cutting-edge EdTech software. When your employees’ skills are your main advantage, make sure you do everything you can to help them constantly raise their level.

The Right Engineering Is Key

Well-chosen technology is almost always a key element to your success. Our team is led by senior-level developers, product managers, and DevOps engineers, so when working with Ester Digital, you always get a great result.

When working on e-learning solutions, we turn to trustworthy WordPress, advanced Python, and progressive ReactJS to deliver the best result for your business. Whatever technology we use, you will get a secure, flexible, and optimized solution that both you and your learners will enjoy working with.

  • WordPress CMS

  • Ruby on Rails

  • Python

  • ReactJS

  • GatsbyJS

  • TypeScript

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