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When it comes to telecoms, just like with any other type of business, these companies should develop an effective website that will reflect their identity, communicate their mission, and catch the attention of the target audience.

Moreover, operation in this industry presupposes working with large amounts of data, which means there’s a strong need to turn to the telecom CRM system. And our professionals are ready to help you with this.

Operating since 2015, our team of developers has gained enough expertise and skills to ensure flawless and smooth website operation. That is, if you already have a telecom website, we can migrate it to another content management system to give you more functions and features. Most frequently, we use WordPress since it is very user-friendly and convenient. However, if you have already picked another platform, we can cover its transfer, too.

Our specialists are proficient in diverse languages (Python and JavaScript, for instance) and can work with numerous powerful libraries and frameworks, such as ReactJS, Ruby on Rails, and GatsbyJS. Therefore, you can be sure that both the back and front end technical sides of your project will work trouble-free, and the final product will be more than just “acceptable”.

What we offer

Design & CRM Integration For Telecom Websites

  • Design

    Since the first impression determines whether the clients will stay on the site or not, it’s vital to make sure that the telecom design does not confuse them and shows your advantages over the competitors. In addition, the user interface should be logically structured and convenient for the customers’ navigation across the resource. There is quite a long list of requirements suitable for each business sphere, and telecommunication design is not an exception. Therefore, only experienced teams, such as ours, can do it to perfection, or as close to perfection as possible.

  • Website Development

    No one would argue against how critical it is to ensure that your telecom design is consistent and works in your favor. However, the way it works is no less significant. That is, if, for instance, it loads slowly, then the chances that the users will be disappointed, increase. And you don’t want that to happen. Accordingly, our devoted specialists work hard to deliver our clients the most robust, efficient, and responsive products. As a result, your business will prosper, and you can concentrate on your primary goal, which is selling.

  • CRM Integration

    If your business is linked to the provision of telecommunication services, the matter of gathering and storing information on both your employees and clients in one place plays a crucial role. Therefore, the Ester Digital team will gladly help you handle this issue and integrate your website with a corresponding CRM for the telecom industry. Moreover, through the introduction of this platform, many of the routine tasks will be automated, which, in turn, will eliminate all possible mistakes made due to human factors.

What’s included

Features for a Telecom Site


If you decide to integrate your site with telecom CRM systems, the data security aspect is paramount. After all, companies entrust it with the most precious thing — customer data and information on transactions. Hence, to make the right choice, you need to carefully study all the features of such systems. Otherwise, work in CRM will turn into roulette, where you may lose sooner or later. That is why, by entrusting your project to Ester Digital, you can be certain that the connected CRM will be truly reliable and safe.

Access From Anywhere

Even before the pandemic, many companies (partially or fully) switched to remote work. However, if previously, it was possible to call a colleague, write an email, or simply go to a next-door office to get any data, now this process has become a bit more complicated. At the same time, the need to access various types of information has remained essential. Fortunately, integration with a CRM system provides for these scenarios, so employees will always have the data at their full disposal.

Sales Management

The CRM system helps managers plan sales and organize transparent deal supervision. The system stores the entire history of communication with customers, and it helps the sales department to analyze their behavior, and create the best offers, thus winning their loyalty and trust. In addition, the system enables managers to oversee the work of subordinates, their implementation of sales plans, and other processes. You can also assess the volume and probability of transactions, manage sales procedures, and monitor the status of orders, which is rather convenient.

Realtime View

Thanks to CRM in telecom industry, your analytics will become clean and exhaustive. Just one click, and you can see the results of work for any period of time. Furthermore, all indicators in the system are updated in real-time. Thus, you can view reports not only on the work of each team member but also on sales growth in general, for example. This way, you will understand at what stage the majority of clients leave, where the “pain” places in your funnel are, and, therefore, fix them.

Customization and Integrations

Any tool or platform you work on must meet your goals and needs. Otherwise, some aspects of the work may be missed out on. Fortunately, the CRM systems we employ can be easily adapted to your criteria and requirements. The only thing you should do is to tell our team what exactly you expect from this integration, and we will gladly take all your wishes into account and bring them to life.

James Quilligan Managing Director at Economic Democracy Advocates
Ester Digital's impressive web development work enabled them to create an exceptional site that was in line with the client's vision. The client particularly liked their cost-effective and responsive approach. They were creative, friendly, and detailed, which ensured the project's success.
Jeremy Navarro Community-driven storyteller and hype man at General Catalyst Partners
It was a successful collaboration. The Ester Digital team delivered exactly what the client asked for and even accommodated ad hoc requests along the way. They also worked efficiently, delivering reliable services without compromising quality and punctuality.
Bhavisha Panchmatia Creative Director at Multi Corporation
Both the options that the company wanted the Ester Digital team to implement on their website is now live. The team always communicated with the company regarding their ability to take on any tasks, successfully managing expectations whenever the company needed extra tasks completed.
Annette Anthony Investor, Executive Coach & Non-Executive Director at Pontem Strategies Ltd
Innovative and timely, Ester Digital successfully completed a scalable site. The company was pleased that the team considered their business growth while building their platform. The team's solid project management process enabled them to be extremely effective.
Rob Kassees Vice President of Product at ReferralExchange
A real estate platform tapped Ester Digital to redesign its landing pages. The team was able to deliver an initial version of the deliverables which was later improved thanks to the client's feedback. Their workflow was effective and their turnaround was fast.
Harris Maxwell COO at Studeo
The client has yet to launch the site, but they are satisfied with Ester Digital's work. In fact, they love how user-friendly the site's backend is. The team provides regular communication via Slack and email, responding to questions in a timely manner.
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