Whenever it comes to healthcare website design and development, here at Ester Digital we always think about the results. We believe that your business is unique, and we do our best to make it stand out. Whether you are thinking about a healthcare website launch, pharmacy portal development, or medical mobile app release, we are here to turn our experience into your business opportunities. Together we can achieve incredible results!

Our Services

  • UI/UX Design In Healthcare
    Web design for healthcare is all about responsibility. You aim to improve people’s lives and we focus on helping you achieve this goal with a brilliant UI/UX design. When we start a healthcare web design project, we analyze your customer base, identify your business pain points, do competitors research, and evaluate your brand consistency. With such a detailed approach we deliver medical UI/UX design that brings value and converts.
  • Graphic Design In Medical FieldOur Ester Digital team believes that graphic design has the power to create an efficient interaction between your healthcare company and your potential clients. The first impression always matters. With award-winning designers in our team, we craft graphic designs that stand for your brand. Whether you are thinking about your brand strategy or starting a new advertisement campaign for lead generation, we are your partner to create impressive and eye-catching healthcare graphic design.
  • Data VisualizationHow to turn your company data into powerful tools both your team members and clients will understand at first sight and use easily? Ester Digital has a vast amount of experience in Data Visualisation that helps to organize data and transform it into well-structured, easily interpreted pieces of information. Our attentive designers know how to present health data visualization in the best possible way and engage your audience with informative reports and modern dashboard design.
  • Medical Website DevelopmentNo matter what kind of medical services you offer, a secure and up-to-date website is what your business needs to win customers and grow. We believe that the more you invest in your website, the more benefits you get. At Ester Digital, our expert team of designers and developers focuses on your business goals and always delivers responsive, modern, stylish, and easy-to-use websites. Move the healthcare industry forward, while we manage medical website development for you.
  • Mobile Medical App DevelopmentThe time to go mobile is now. Ester Digital can help your healthcare & wellness company to design and develop a new mobile medical app that will satisfy all the needs of your clients, as well as lessen some of the inevitable problems with your already working app. Using our broad experience in data visualization, we design, develop, and support a wide range of mobile apps for healthcare companies, clinics, and hospitals:

Mobile apps for personal
healthcare records, charts
and lab test


Reminder mobile apps for
managing prescriptions
and appointments


Fitness and healthy lifestyle mobile
apps for diet \ exercise
monitoring including fitness tracking

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What You’ll Get

We know all the pain points of your business, thus we promise that all healthcare solutions we design, develop, and maintain will be more than just fine.



Your reputation is paramount. When working on design and development for the healthcare industry, we deliver highly-secured websites and mobile apps with respect to your customers' personal data.


Easy to manage and use

All the great things are simple. With respect to your time, we craft web solutions that any member of your team will be able to manage with their eyes closed.

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Ready to work on any device and with any screen resolution

Your business is unique, your clients are exceptional. We create websites that look good and work great across all the devices and browsers, no matter what.

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Well-documented and optimized for future implementations

We work for your success. At Ester Digital, we design and develop projects to help you actualize all your ideas, and we would be more than happy to watch your business grow.

Spring Health

Ester Digital delivered a fantastic website within a very tight timeframe. The new platform has generated more quality leads, which boosted business. Their team was responsive and proactive, addressing issues quickly and paying close attention to detail.

Austin Ringer, Head of Product & Design

Spring Health

How We Work?

Consumer-Centric Design Approach

We use the so-called ‘consumer-centric design approach’ and apply it to every healthcare product we design. In short, it means that we prioritize recognizing your end-user needs and invest in identifying potential problems before they arise. The process of crafting a customer-centric design includes several stages:


Develop a holistic perspective on your experiences and needs.


Detect and fix possible issues for your users on the spot.


Establish and apply a design process tailored and personalized specifically for you.


Inform you about the changes in a transparent and open way.


Develop a holistic perspective on your experiences and needs.


Establish and apply a design process tailored and personalized specifically for you.


Detect and fix possible issues for your users on the spot.


Inform you about the changes in a transparent and open way.

Take a look at what we’ve already done for our clients using a ‘consumer-centric design’ methodology:

Design Thinking

Every piece of research we do is based on a design thinking methodology. In other words, we try to solve your business problems using a non-linear process that includes but is not limited to defining the problem, ideating and prototyping all the possible solutions to solve it, but also to testing the idea through A\B and user acceptance testing.

Our Process

Over the last five years, Ester Digital has designed and implemented a variety of healthcare websites. Having a wide scope of expertise, we can detect the pain points that you might have with your product and make it infallible. We know how to start the development process, but most importantly, we know how to deliver results and meet expectations.


It is important to find out what the target audience needs most and focus development around the implementation of the essential features. We know that good research always pays off: during this stage Ester tries to identify brand weaknesses and compares your positioning in relation to your competitors.

Brand Positioning

Our brand strategy and consulting agency will define every aspect of a brand like mission, values, competitive advantages for the right positioning in the target market based on research we’ve made before. In other words, we try to imagine how you want your company to be perceived in the minds of your customers as opposed to your competitors.

Create Page Wireframes

Once research and brand positioning stages are completed, we build a blueprint of ideas without worrying about making them look pretty at this point. They are needed to align visual and action elements focussing on clarity first.

Build Stunning Web Design For Pages

During this stage, we apply branding assets and all the necessary outcomes designed during the positioning stage. So, here comes the magic, where every page is created based on information from the previous stages. Our UX Design Agency cares about making pages look not just pretty, but spectacular. At this stage we also create style guides (colour scheme, icons, fonts) and mockups. All mockups will be ready for implementation and be mobile-ready on any device.

Front-End Template Bootstrapping

We convert all of the existing mockups from *.sketch (*.figma or *.psd) to HTML pages. This also includes all CSS stylings and JS logic for UX. If you don’t have designs ready to work on, we are glad to help you with Art Direction or UI\UX design.

Back-End And Server Setup

In tandem with the above, we set up a (staging) production server for your website. This step also includes all work regarding back-end technologies and DevOps.

Integrate Static Website With Back-End

This is the final development step — connecting static styled website templates with data from the back-end to make everything connected and functional.

Quality Assurance

After completing the above steps we need to ensure that all of the user stories are finished, and all acceptance criteria are met. And only after that the project is finished.


Website or mobile app launch is not the end of our partnership. We keep working with our clients on their projects support and maintenance to ensure its stable performance. Ester Digital designers and developers also deal with already working web solutions to keep them secure and uptodate and bring our clients business to the next level.

Technology Stack

The right engineering is the key to the success of your already existing or new healthcare product. We heavily invest in our development team to make sure you’ll get an excellent result — every time.

All in all, for most healthcare websites we use WordPress CMS, so your employees will have a simple yet powerful solution and ready-to-go CMS that will simplify all the routine operations. Nevertheless, we make sure that your WordPress website will be protected from DDOS-attacks, cyber-fraud, and have an encrypted connection (HTTPS-ready).

Also, we use Python and Ruby on Rails on back-end for most tailor-made solutions. They help us to dispatch problems and implement new features quickly and efficiently. In addition, we will implement the back-end functionality with cutting-edge technologies like React.js and TypeScript that work extremely well with the suggested back-end technologies.

  • WordPress CMS

  • Ruby on Rails

  • Python

  • ReactJS

  • GatsbyJS

  • TypeScript

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