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about our work

At Ester Digital, a startup branding agency, we deliver sites, web services, SaaS, and mobile applications that have helped a number of startups to grow rapidly.

What we offer is the creation of page wireframes as a blueprint for your ideas, research into your target audience, and ready-to-use low and high-fidelity mockups. Moreover, we’ve already combined all three services into one unit: we call it User Interface and Experience Design.

Our mission can be described as delivering the triptych approach in one easily intelligible unit and guiding you through each step and further steps like Marketing, Advertising, and SEO. With every product we make, no matter what it’s for: a nascent business website or a complex MVP, we make sure that you’ll get: clean and Responsive UI/UX experience, cost efficiency for every iteration and secure and SEO-optimised content.

Our customers know that we create user-friendly and UX-focused websites that are always above par and give users an amazing experience that encourages them to come back. We are also passionate about everything creative: as a Design Agency that works with extraordinary clients, we know how to extrapolate our past experiences and map them to your needs. Hence, we can help you to tell a solid story using visualization services like logos, illustrations etc.

How we work

Startup Branding Design & Development Process

Everything begins with a plan. Here at Ester, a startup website design agency, we know how to deliver the right idea and empower it with a good-looking interface. We understand that the success of your product is partially our responsibility, so we start with a product launch plan that includes the following steps:


    It is for you to choose how to conduct your business and what model to pick. But if you want to hear some recommendations from us, we’ll be pleased to share our knowledge with you.


    Since the target audience consists of people who are potentially interested in your offer, it’s vital to define it. Otherwise, there’s a risk of low conversions and sales.


    Each project is unique and requires certain technologies and tools to ensure its trouble-free operation. And we will gladly cover it for you.


    To know how the users behave while interacting with your site and to check whether they face any difficulties when navigating it, we will carry out user research. And if there are any pain points, we’ll detect and eliminate them for you.


    To get the product of your dream, every detail and element should be designed and placed correctly. Hence, before delivering the final project, we will work on mockups and prototypes of different fidelity levels.


    A spectacular and user-friendly design will help your brand shine on the market. And our team of talented professionals is eager to make something extraordinary.


    If you already have some ideas on how to build your site, we are ready to bring them to life and improve them so that the resource will become truly amazing.


    Since the flawless performance of the site is our top priority, we devote much time to testing all the functions and features. And only after all these procedures are over, we present the project to you.

Vast experience combined with creative vision

Why Our Startup Branding Agency

Free ideating stage for your product

Before proceeding with designing or coding your MVP or a functional prototype, we provide our clients with a free ideating stage. It includes a design workshop with one of our creative directors, competitive set analysis, and more. Thus, you will have an opportunity to share your ideas and vision of a future product with our team. And we will definitely take them into account.

Focused on reaching your targets

We are aware of how important it is to get an alluring as well as an efficient product. To achieve it, no element or step should be missed out on. Therefore, we cover every nitty-gritty aspect of your project: from marketing to tailor-made startup web development, deadline after deadline, to the final stage, we can help you reach your targets faster and more effectively.

Dedicated design and development team

Operating since 2015, our company has worked on lots of diverse projects, thus gaining invaluable experience. That is why we can say for sure that each team member is a true professional who will make a substantial contribution to your product. And from the very beginning of your journey, we guarantee a minimum team size available forty hours per week. Moreover, every team is led by one of our Creative Directors and CTOs to make the process quicker and smoother for you.

Quality-centered approach

When it comes to developing top-notch products, it is all about ensuring their quality and flawless work. Therefore, we test and retest our work after every iteration as well as using CI\CD and automated testing best practice. Our lead designers and engineers are ex-TopTal and T-mobile. So, you don’t have to worry about the quality of our code.

Flexible payment terms

We understand that wiring the total amount split into a few payments could be a daunting task even for well-established companies (not to mention startups, of course). Thus, we have a payment plan with an up to thirty days due date. Also, we provide special offers for various industries with different discount plans. Hence, every client has a chance to pick suitable payment terms.

Non-disclosure agreements

We know how vital the matter of confidentiality is for your industry. And the best way to keep something under wraps is not to disclose it in the first place. Accordingly, we are more than happy to sign your NDA and keep your customers, ideas, and know-how safe and sound.

James Quilligan Managing Director at Economic Democracy Advocates
Ester Digital's impressive web development work enabled them to create an exceptional site that was in line with the client's vision. The client particularly liked their cost-effective and responsive approach. They were creative, friendly, and detailed, which ensured the project's success.
Jeremy Navarro Community-driven storyteller and hype man at General Catalyst Partners
It was a successful collaboration. The Ester Digital team delivered exactly what the client asked for and even accommodated ad hoc requests along the way. They also worked efficiently, delivering reliable services without compromising quality and punctuality.
Bhavisha Panchmatia Creative Director at Multi Corporation
Both the options that the company wanted the Ester Digital team to implement on their website is now live. The team always communicated with the company regarding their ability to take on any tasks, successfully managing expectations whenever the company needed extra tasks completed.
Annette Anthony Investor, Executive Coach & Non-Executive Director at Pontem Strategies Ltd
Innovative and timely, Ester Digital successfully completed a scalable site. The company was pleased that the team considered their business growth while building their platform. The team's solid project management process enabled them to be extremely effective.
Rob Kassees Vice President of Product at ReferralExchange
A real estate platform tapped Ester Digital to redesign its landing pages. The team was able to deliver an initial version of the deliverables which was later improved thanks to the client's feedback. Their workflow was effective and their turnaround was fast.
Harris Maxwell COO at Studeo
The client has yet to launch the site, but they are satisfied with Ester Digital's work. In fact, they love how user-friendly the site's backend is. The team provides regular communication via Slack and email, responding to questions in a timely manner.
Questions and answers


  • 1. What is startup branding?

    Startup branding is a process that presupposes a comprehensive study of the market, customers, and the creation of corporate identity and company logo. The purpose of all these procedures is to ensure that the brand will attract new consumers. And these are the indicators of a prosperous company. Fortunately, Ester Digital, a design agency for startups, is ready to help you with designing your brand and its strategy.

  • 2. Why is a design essential for a startup?

    Design is an integral part of any business, and a startup is not an exception. Furthermore, the appropriate website design is a way to catch and retain the clients’ attention, which is so vital for innovative companies. Therefore, each detail should be carefully thought out, and this is not that simple. Luckily, our startup design agency knows how to create a unique image that will be remembered by your clients for a long time.

  • 3. What should a startup website include?

    The site structure makes sure the users get extensive information about the brand along with the products and services it offers. However, depending on the industry, the set of pages and elements may vary. And to get the product that will sell and convert, you can either analyze your competitors and copy them or contact us to get the most efficient and one-of-a-kind project.

  • 4. Why is branding important for startups?

    The right branding causes emotional and sometimes associative links with the customers to make them return to buy your products every now and then. That is why this aspect cannot and should not be neglected. How to do it properly and what tips and tricks should be introduced — these are the questions we are ready to answer.

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