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Well sometimes it is quite complicated to explain simplicity!

We let our work speak for itself.


Well sometimes it is quite complicated to explain simplicity!

We let our work speak for itself.


How We Work:

Our UI\UX design agency applies Agile methodologies like Scrum or Kanban for planning projects, rapid prototyping (production), and testing of our wireframes. This approach allows us to be as flexible and versatile as possible. During the UI/UX design process, we glide through certain stages, and we always keep our clients informed about project development. We believe that only that way we would achieve brilliant results.

Do the Research

We start every project with an interview with our clients: what kind of business they have, what are their aspirations, and what is their target audience. This step helps us to get acquainted with the company and identify their end goals. As a result, we are able to provide them with the best possible solution.

Create Page Wireframes

We build a blueprint of ideas without focusing a lot on their visual value at this stage. They are needed to align visual and action elements focusing on clarity first. Our design team uses Figma or Sketch App to create interfaces that work across any device or means of access.

Build Stunning Web Design For Pages

Here we transform the information from the previous stages into expertly crafted pages. Our UX design agency cares about making every page unique and spectacular. At this step, we also create style guides (color scheme, icons, fonts) and mockups. All mockups will be ready for implementation and be mobile-ready on any phone.

Do User Acceptance Testing

We invite users to do user acceptance testing. At this point, UX consultants observe interaction with what we have created, take on board, and utilize all the feedback.  Subsequently, we are able to create not just beautiful but effective solutions.

Make Final Revision & Apply Adjustments

Finally, before we push the solution to production, we polish everything using feedback from the design stage. Our team works together with the business owner as their success is as vital to us as it is to them.

Tour Partner Group

Communicating clearly from the start, Ester Digital’s expert team inspired confidence throughout the project. Their can-do attitude made them a valuable partner. Responsiveness and the ability to turn constructive feedback into high-quality, on-time deliverables were hallmarks of their work.

Vera Lett, Group Marketing

Tour Partner Group


Ester Digital created 30–40 UI screens for a music-sharing mobile application within three weeks. The screens arrived on time and met internal standards of quality and professionalism. Ester Digital delivered top-notch work and ran a seamless collaboration throughout the project.

Ryan O'Leary, Co-Founder



WaveOC is a software development company working on Salesforce domain provision implementation from scratch or existing code enhancement services. Ester Digital was involved in designing and developing the third version of the client’s website, especially working on UX and UI implementation and content development as well. The project was completed on time and on budget.

Sergey Zenko, VP, Business Development & Sales


You Are In Good Company

We want to shine brighter than all the others hence our team of twenty-six people are led by industry top talents as noted by TopTal platform and Awwwards

Tetiana Donska

Design Partner & Advisor

Irène Baranova

Sr. Visual Designer & Brand Strategist

Ira Mostovnikova

Sr. UI\UX Designer & Team Lead

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