Sooner or later, any company realizes the importance of creating their own site, which would act as their online representative. And Ester Digital was initially founded to help businesses from any sphere to declare themselves loudly and clearly.
Moreover, when it comes to car dealers, it’s worth mentioning the extremely high level of competition in their niche. As a result, the car dealer website design is rather a vital necessity, which ensures not only a constant flow of customers but also contributes to the future growth of the brand.

Development & Web Design For Car Dealers

  • UI/UX Design
    When customers enter a car dealership website, they expect to find exhaustive information of their interests quickly and easily. Furthermore, the site should reflect your personality — the attribute, without which it’s impossible to become memorable. And only painstaking work on UI/UX design will enable you to achieve that. Luckily, our specialists know everything about how to make your clients feel great while interacting with your resource. Thus, you will get a powerful product that sells and converts.
  • Graphic Design
    It’s pretty hard to excel through the application of standard themes and styles. In this case, the car dealer site needs a creative approach that will demonstrate its uniqueness, thus winning the hearts and minds of potential buyers. And our team of talented and creative designers is ready to help you with this. In addition, if you desire to communicate your mission and goals speechless, we can do that too, since we are profound experts in crafting one-of-a-kind graphic designs and custom illustrations.
  • Website Development
    When designing a car dealer site, there are many aspects to consider — from its performance and responsiveness to smooth operation and modernity. And if any of the elements are missed out on or created incorrectly, the operation of the whole company, its reputation, and the market position may be affected. That is why our professionals are ready to work tirelessly so that the final product can please both you and your customers.
  • Mobile-Friendly Site
    Given the fact that now the number of mobile users exceeds desktop ones, it’s more than logical to make sure that your car dealership site also provides a mobile version. Otherwise, there is a risk of losing potential customers as their journey across the resource will not be as convenient as they’ve probably expected. Consequently, by ensuring your mobile presence, you will not just expand your target audience but also increase your chances of being noticed. After all, this is the aim any business is striving for, isn’t it?

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Car Dealer Website Features

  • Test Drive Booking
  • Used Car Listings
  • New Car Listings
  • Stock Search
  • Custom Design
  • Lead forms
  • E-commerce store
  • Support & Updates
  • Enquiry Tracking
  • Enhanced security
  • High performance

Car Dealer Web Development & Design Process

Operating since 2015, Ester Digital has crafted and launched numerous car dealer sites. Therefore, by obtaining extensive knowledge and skills in this industry, our designers and developers are able to help you solve any problem — whether it is the creation of a new website or the improvement of an existing one.


To build a truly efficient car dealership web design, we have to conduct various studies: from determining the target audience and their needs to identifying weaknesses. This way, it will be possible to draw up a more detailed plan of action, which will ensure that each point is covered.

Auto Dealership Brand Positioning

To build an emotional connection with customers, companies need to develop the right brand strategy. Thus, users will acquire diverse positive associations with the company and its products. And with the help of our agency, your auto dealership website will not have a single chance to go unnoticed.

Build Page Wireframes

Before dealing with the aesthetic part of your auto dealer web design, our team will work on the logic and structure of all page elements so that the users face no challenges while going across the resource. This step cannot be ignored since, otherwise, the site may look messy and disorganized.

Stunning Web Design Creation For Automobile Sites

At this stage, our professionals get down to working on the visual side of your site. Here, their task is to find the right colors, fonts, and styles suitable particularly for your brand. Moreover, they ensure consistency so that upon entering your resource, users immediately immerse into your ecosystem.

Static Website And Back End Integration

Now, it’s time to make your website work. Our developers connect the created pages to the back end to verify that everything functions properly and leads clients to the desired information.


Upon the project release, our cooperation continues since we understand that within some time, you may require certain help, or you might want us to introduce some changes. And we are always here for you.

Integration With 3rd Party Services

To make your car dealership site even more effective, our devoted specialists can integrate it with various helpful and powerful software providers and technologies. Thus, if, for example, you wish to migrate your website to another content management system or you need a proper CRM, we can handle that.

In any case, if you desire to get some additional features and functions, you are welcome to tell our team about it. And you may be certain that in the end, with the help of the delivered product, your business will be not only beneficial and successful but also scalable and easily manageable.

Why Us

  • Focused on reaching your goals
    We fully realize how fierce your market is and what a huge responsibility we undertake. Therefore, our team pays attention to every small detail of your project. Thus, you will get a product that meets all your needs and requirements. In addition, our car dealers website design service will be delivered right on time as the observance of deadlines is a must-have peculiarity of any reliable agency.
  • Enthusiastic design and development team
    Since we are not afraid of challenges and always do our utmost to make our clients’ products incredible, it doesn’t matter what type of project you will decide to entrust us with — car dealer web design or car parking app development. And even if you ask us to create something extraordinary, our skilled team members will bring any of your bold ideas to life.
  • Quality-centered approach
    When it comes to auto dealership website design and development, the quality of the products is our top priority. Hence, we work hard to ensure that each piece of code or other element operates smoothly and flawlessly. And only after diverse testings and retestings, you will get the project of your dreams.
  • Non-disclosure agreements
    It’s pretty obvious to expect from partners that they will keep any information about the company in secret. That is why our specialists will gladly sign corresponding non-disclosure agreements so that you may be confident that either your ideas or personal data are in safe hands.
  • Cost-effective solutions
    If you are worried that the work on your project will exceed the set budget, then we have some good news for you. Our team delivers only cost-effective solutions that will make your site more than just fine. Furthermore, we offer different payment terms and provide special offers. So, you will have a chance to choose the one that suits you best.

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