Chase the vision, not the money; the money will end up following you.

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MVP & Proof of Concept Design and Development for Startups and Nascent Companies

about our work

At Ester Digital, a Digital Design and Creative Agency, we deliver websites, web services and SaaS applications that have helped a number of startups to grow rapidly.

What we offer is the creation of page wireframes as a blueprint for your ideas, research into your target audience and ready to use low and high fidelity mockups. Moreover, we’ve already combined all three services into one unit: we call it User Interface and Experience Design.

Your idea and our approach

Our mission can be described as delivering the triptych approach in one easily intelligible unit and guiding you through each step and further steps like Marketing, Advertising and SEO.

With every product we make, no matter what it’s for: a nascent business website or a complex MVP, we make sure that you’ll get:

Clean and Responsive UIUX experience

efficiency for every

Secure and SEO- optimised

The Plan

Everything starts with a plan. Here at Ester, we know how to deliver the right idea and empower it with a good looking interface. We understand that the success of your product is partially our responsibility, so we start with a product launch plan that includes the following steps:

Creating a business model together

Defining your target market and audience

Drawing a battle plan for technologies, releases, and specifications

Doing user

Sketching prototypes, mockups, and low fidelity mockups

Design User

Architecting and Developing your solution


Our customers know that we create user-friendly and UX focused websites that are always above par and give users an amazing experience that encourages them to come back. We are also passionate about everything creative: as a Design Agency that works with extraordinary clients, we know how to extrapolate our past experiences and map them to your needs. Thus, we can help you to tell a solid story using visualisation services like logo marks, illustrations etc.

The right engineering is key

The right technology is almost always key to the success of your idea: our team is led by senior-level developers, product managers and DevOps engineers so you will be in good company.

Our engineers can help you to build a Product Prototype (as a Proof of Concept) to test your idea or a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to present your product to your target market and investors and see if it can cut the mustard. Technologies we use during the development process:

The Project:

We were asked to create an easy to use and highly customisable COVID-19 dashboard optimized for TV big screens to help organisations to show live Coronavirrus Pandemic data from the one trustful source.

What we’ve done:

Ester Digital implemented a free and well-structured Coronavirus information dashboard optimized for TV big screens for live broadcasting for health organisations, analytic companies, news agencies, etc. The project shows, like most COVID-19 dashboards, world-historic case, recoveries and fatalities in numbers and maps, by country, with data drawn from APIs and data sources like

But unlike most dashboard monitors, here at Ester, we tried to put data in a well-structured way using contrast colour-pallet and easy-to-read fonts.

The website was designed using open source UI libraries and developed on Vue.js using open data sources and APIs.



Alex King Founder
Within just one month of intensive research and design work, Ester Digital produced flawless deliverables. The app’s modern, high-performing UI has been enthusiastically received among the target user base. Communicative and transparent, the team provided consistent access to status.