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How we work:

Salesforce has completely changed the way we sell and serve customers. The tools and services in Salesforce are designed to turn a business into an enterprise where every employee, vendor, and customer are together on a transparent platform helping an organization to function more efficiently than ever. Our salesforce developers will perform these actions to leverage your business:

Development and Quality Assurance

During this step Ester Digital’s Salesforce developers will develop and test the code in Salesforce Developer Sandbox.

Integration Testing

Every developer at Ester has his own Salesforce Dev Pro and Salesforce DX account for shared Quality Assurance sessions, so during this step we make sure that we can integrate the No Coding (Administrator) stage with custom APEX functionality.

User Acceptance Testing

This step is required to try out new features or ad hoc requirement testing before going live in production.


The full copy of all metadata developed in the previous steps is ready for performance and real-world stress testing. All the staging servers are created using Salesforce DX and are ready for rapid testing and development.


All data from the Staging phase is deployed.

Maintenance and support

After the project release, we provide complete documentation, maintenance and support depending on the client requirements.

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Ester Digital's communication and project management style makes them stand out. The team is skilled at web development and delivers a final product that leads to a performance boost for the client's website.

Joey Kotkins, CEO

Safara Travel

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We want to shine brighter than all the others hence our team of twenty-six people are led by industry top talents as noted by TopTal platform.


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