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Ester’s Art Director and our UX analyst worked closely with the client and defined the list of requirements to help Flourish grow. They learned that the key expertise and services of the agency were not clear to their users. The strategy was to make the content more accessible, and to simplify navigation through the website categories. Of course, it was crucial to make the photos as prominent as possible, but the brand’s bold & flamboyant personality had to remain distinct.

The design team made the website look simple yet quirky as the company’s target audience is young and open-minded. The direction that Flourish took in it’s visuals is a mix of retro vibes, the latest trends, such as pastel organic abstractions, and bold modern typography. Light, peachy backgrounds enhance the magnetism of the featured campaigns and complement the models.

The statistics, which are a key value for anyone involved in the influencer business, became the main focal point of the website. They are featured on the homepage, the campaign case studies, and on the talent page.

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