µKERA is an ambassador for hi-tech vaping technology, offering a healthier vaping experience. They have more than 10 years of OEM/ODM experience in the electronic cigarette industry. Their goal, as described in their brief, was to achieve a futuristic look and feel, and to reflect their state-of-the-art vaporization technology in the new branding.

Ester explored a wide range of possibilities for the new identity, from wavy steam symbols to hi-tech and minimalism. Ester Digital worked closely with µKERA to iterate and to reach the core of the brand’s personality.  The design team carried out a set of typographic experiments to explore the structure of the letter “µ”.


As a result, the team focused on a custom wordmark looking a bit like a resembling a science fiction motif. Subtle reference to retrofuturism aesthetics can be found in both the typography and logo mark. The designers also created an optimized version of the logo to guarantee that the striped pattern would remain distinct during scaling. The logo is complemented by an eye-catching palette with deep blue and neon red as primary colours.

The team also created shiny, organic 3D elements to represent both heating coil and vapour. They are mapped with aceramic texture, indicating the material uKera uses in its innovative coils. The shapes, red highlights, and neon lines work together to create a mysterious yet engaging atmosphere on µKERA’s promo page

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