Roman Likhovich

CTO & Development Partner

Roman Likhovich

If you think that web developers can’t have a great sense of humor, you just haven’t met our Development Partner Roman. He is a full-stack developer with impressive experience in React and Vue, ready to do his best for clients’ success.


Roman Likhovich

Articles by Roman Likhovich


Top 7 Headless CMS Benefits

To make their business profitable and popular in today’s world, companies enter the global market. Here, they design their sites, launch numerous applications, attract customers through various social networks, etc. However, the matter of being introduced online is just half a job. It’s also crucial to choose how to present your brand. Accordingly, there are...


Single Page Application Overview: Advantages & Disadvantages

When browsing Netflix to pick a good movie or scrolling through classy Pinterest pictures, the last thing you think of is that these two are examples of single page applications. And that’s no surprise since excellent web development and design means fluid, almost natural interaction, so users can’t even imagine what the web application hides...


Introduction to React JS 101

How to build a website? It is definitely not easy: it takes skills, knowledge, and tools to develop an effective web solution with a stunning user interface. Coding languages and libraries are essential to any web developer’s experience. With so many of them around, it’s hard to pick one that can create a high-quality platform...