Tetiana Donska

Design Partner & Advisor

Tetiana Donska

Being addicted to UI/UX design, Tetiana is an expert in this field with over 6 years of experience. She is an award-winning creative director working with clients from various industries. Tetiana is a UK Global Talent Visa Recipient and an Awwwards jury member.


Tetiana Donska

Articles by Tetiana Donska


UI and UX Design: Quarreling Siblings or a Happily Married Couple?

Do you ever find yourself browsing through websites and forums feeling like you’re trying to decipher something in a foreign language? Do words stop making sense? Do you find yourself doing more googling than actual reading? Does it ever happen with texts on design and web development? We bet it does. Sometimes it is difficult...


The Recipe For Excellent Design Management

If we want to cook something, we usually follow the recipe. It tells us which ingredients to put, their exact quantity, and how to merge them to get that desired taste. Yet, some prefer to create their own masterpieces without pursuing instructions. But not each case ends up well, and sometimes cooking without a recipe...


How To Design a Website: Baby Don’t Hurt Me

It’s hard to imagine any business working in 2021 without its own corporate website. How can users be acquainted with your activities, get your contact info, or make sure you’re a credible company? Now websites don’t only serve as a connecting link, but also as an information hub and a vital marketing component. It’s crucial...


Digital Design Trends in 2021: According To Ester Digital

With new design innovations and UI/UX design services emerging all the time, it’s hard to keep up with the pace and be aware of the current digital design trends. Is it really necessary to follow them or is it just a fashionable thing to do? Everybody decides for themselves, but in a world where creative...


UX Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The web design industry evolves heavily as the world advances. The technology flourishes, bringing brand-new and fresh design decisions and requiring new formats. What used to be a monologue now has turned into an engaging communication. That means that efficient contemporary design should be meaningful and powerful enough to provide users with great experiences. Given...


Design System: A Powerful Time- and Cost-Effective Instrument for Consistent Designs

Recently, our Design Partner & Art Director Tanya held a webinar for Adeva, a proficient tech community platform for developers worldwide. Here, Tanya shared her expertise in the field of the provision of UX design services with the main focus on the design system, touching on its history, functionality, and benefits. In case you’ve missed...


What Is UX Audit and Tips and Tricks on How to Perform It

Every design team tries to do its best to create an artistic and original product. However, when you work on something for too long or when you’re too invested in the product, you stop seeing the big picture and small, but crucial details escape your attention. Designing a product without defining its mission can potentially...

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