Ester Digital Supports Small Businesses in Brooklyn and Beyond

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Here at Ester Digital, we’re known for our passion for web development. We have successfully helped countless clients over the years utilize each and every cent of their design and branding budget efficiently, and we know the importance of successful projects for small businesses. We love to see the small businesses we help grow!

Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy and of New York City, where we are based. Small businesses are the backbone of the New York City economy — accounting for 98% of New York’s businesses and 40% of all jobs in the city!

That’s why our mission is to help small businesses grow. Right now, small businesses are hurting. The COVID 19 pandemic and ensuing lockdowns and economic calamity have affected small businesses more than most. Therefore, our team of professionals offers top-notch web design services for small business as now is the time for them to maximize their ROI on design spends!

One other easy way that you can help small businesses during this time is to leave a rating or review for your favorite small businesses! If you love your corner bar, leave them a review on Google Reviews. Have a favorite restaurant? Head on over to Trip Advisor and give them a review. Also, if you love your B2B service provider, leave them a review on Clutch!

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Clutch, and their sister site The Manifest, are our preferred ratings and reviews platform of choice! The Manifest helps businesses gain recognition as it includes top company directories listings from across an array of B2B services. They have a team of dedicated analysts who take the time to conduct reviews with independently verified clients from around the world. Then, their editors curate the content into a case study style format, publishing the reviews in an easy to read manner! Clutch is the gold standard for B2B service providers, which is why we are honored to have a stellar 4.9-star rating on the site!

In a recent review, Michael Yates, VP of Marketing at Virtuance praised the web development work we did for his real estate company! The new site we designed saw an increase in conversions, leads generated, and search rankings, exceeding the expectations of the internal team.

"Their speed and understanding of our needs and vision impressed us." – Michael Yates

We’re incredibly grateful for Michael and all our satisfied clients! If you’re looking to join their ranks, please contact us today!


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