When the client contacted us, MAX Digital was already established as a reliable software provider for car dealerships: the company developed an inventory management and automotive merchandising platform with several top-notch applications serving as powerful assistants to its customers. The list included MAX My Trade, MAX BDC, MAX Digital Showroom, MAX Trade Value, and MAX Pricing and Appraisal (an inventory management tool). However, the platform was outdated, so users were struggling with bad UX, so the apps didn’t seem to be as functional and efficient as they intended. As a result, the client started receiving feedback from users, and the need for some platform’s part redesign became evident.

Furthermore, as the platform was expanding over time, introducing more and more functionalities, both development and design teams faced issues with consistency of UI elements that significantly decreased the team efficiency.

Given all these, the ultimate project goals were to improve the user experience of different apps through the platform and unify and organize all UI elements to achieve consistency so the company could get a holistic look, producing only positive impressions every time it interacted with the consumers. To make that all happen, we needed to perform both a UX audit of the platform to introduce a roadmap of UX improvements and audit existing UI components to develop a coherent design system.

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Every week throughout the project, we communicated with the client to ensure we were moving in the same right direction. The client trusted most of our decisions and was deeply involved in the design process since the MAX Digital team conducted several user testing sessions and frequently shared results with us. Such tight communication between the Ester team and the MAX Digital crew ensured a smooth workflow.

To better understand the platform’s functionality and gather as much information as possible, we conducted a thorough UX audit. As there were multiple apps, we tried our best to find common pain points and define the gaps in user journeys, efficiently fixing them further. To make sure nothing escaped our attention, we analyzed the current user behavior and feedback. That allowed us to proceed with introducing the painkillers through several brainstorming sessions and creating prototypes to do user testing to approve our solutions.

As a customer-centered company, MAX Digital always aims to lay each purchased app according to the customers’ personal and their brands’ needs, thus, it was critical to organize all the UI elements to make the process effortless and less time-consuming than it was prior. For that reason, we conducted an audit of all UI components used on the platform and categorized them, improving the clarity of the design system. Also, we evaluated whether selected components can be combined, improved, or replaced. Based on the information gained, we started building a design system in Figma to eliminate the inconsistency of the platform’s overall UI. Ester polished and optimized existing components and designed all the possible states and interactions so the system could be reusable. As a final step, we settled prototypes from the UX stage using a brand new MAX Digital design system.

Thus, the Ester team improved the overall UX for innovative automotive digital retail and marketing apps, which then resulted in positive feedback from existing customers and enabled the client to attract new ones. While an excellent design system created for MAX Digital increased its team’s efficiency by 50%, paving the way for smooth workflow and impeccable service, which MAX Digital can now boast of.

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