Code Standard

  • ES7 and ES6 Ready code
  • ESLint
  • Flow js
  • TypeScript

State Management

  • Redux
  • Mobx
  • redux-saga
  • redux-observables
  • redux-thunk

Code Bundling

  • Webpack
  • Lerna
  • yarn workspaces

Data Layer

  • Axios
  • Apollo Graphql
  • Relay

Testing Libraries

  • React Testing Library
  • Cypress
  • Chromatic
  • Jest

From Libraries

  • Redux-forms
  • Formik

Companies Choose Our React JS Development Services

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React Development Process

High-Level Planning

We understand the importance of proper planning, and therefore do quarter planning for every project that we are involved in. This allows our web development company to have a clear understanding of what we are trying to achieve and breaks down our work into manageable and clear milestones.

Writing Backlog

Before starting any work it’s very important to translate all business requirements into an unambiguous language and clearly state all acceptance criteria in a list of user stories. All members of our team are involved in creating the back-log to ensure that everybody understands the main goals and deliverables that the client requires.


Tech leads from our React JS agency apply best practice and draw upon their wide and diverse experience to outline the initial structure of an application for both frontend and backend. Later, we discuss this on a team-wide level, reach a common agreement, and document these decisions so that all team members move in the same direction.

CI/CD Configuration

A key secret of every web development company’s success. Cutting-edge CI/CD keeps our workflow as efficient as possible. Almost all of our routine tasks are automated – deployments, code analysis, lighthouse score checks, storybook integrity check, visual regression and unit tests etc. This is important because these DevOps best practices allow us to release apps sooner than you would expect. We deploy MVP at a very early stage and then release new features at the end of every sprint.

Create a UI Pattern Library

Consistency is the best way to avoid uncertainties and bugs. That’s why we work closely with our design team and always stay on the same page when it comes to the visual part. Our React JS development agency ends up having a highly detailed UI storybook library with every possible variation and then re-use many of the components consistently across the app.

Feature Development

We use test-driven development to bring more stability into the work that we do, whilst keeping up a fast pace. At this stage we convert all user stories into meaningful unit tests, and then implement business logic which corresponds to the acceptance criteria.

Automatic End-to-End Testing

After finishing the core functionality implementation we cover the application with end-to-end tests to ensure that the required business functions are operating in a manner suited to real-world circumstances and usage. This will also help us in the future to make sure that we don’t break any previous logic when we do refactoring or implement new features after the initial production release.

Safara Travel

Ester Digital's communication and project management style makes them stand out. The team is skilled at web development and delivers a final product that leads to a performance boost for the client's website.

Joey Kotkins, CEO

Safara Travel

TigerMilk Media

The platform has produced several versatile and durable large-scale apps that remain in use. Ester Digital’s consistent, detail-oriented procedures for project management, testing, and record-keeping minimized errors and ensured timely delivery.

Herman Polyizhuk, CEO

TigerMilk Media

You Are In Good Company

Our web development company is a company of twelve conscientious middle- and senior-level ReactJS developers who are ready to start your project ASAP. Our highly professional ReactJS team is led by two senior-level developers:

Roman Likhovich

CTO & Development Partner

Arthur Sidorenko

CTO & Development Partner

Denis Dryk

Sr. Front-end Developer & Team Lead

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