Our design team carried out several tasks to ensure that the Q5 website fully complements their company. First of all, the platform had to be completely redesigned. The existing version was too dull and plain, and it desperately needed a creative boost. 

The homepage didn’t have any visual component, so we added a custom illustration to make it more appealing and welcoming. We chose blue as a contrasting and highlighting color and used it throughout the whole platform to tie everything together. Also, we added a slider with examples of their work which can be accessed immediately through the main page.

Secondly, we needed to take care of their portfolio to showcase the projects they delivered. Each case includes high-quality images of the products Q5 worked on with a thorough description of the project and various technical details.

Finally, we developed a user flow for their “Get Started” section. It has separate inputs for various requests – starting from the type of product you want to the budget and deadlines. This mechanism greatly facilitates the processing of the user inquiries, as well as allows Q5 to plan ahead and come back to clients with a basic understanding of what they need.

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