We worked on creating a brand identity that would awake the viewers’ wanderlust and make them curious to explore the possibilities of taking up a customizable traveling tour. Authentic Vacations company aims to popularize unique and environmentally sustainable traveling experiences and provides useful insights into the locations and venues. They wanted their packaging and printing materials to reflect exactly that.

Ester developed a set of new branding attributes based on already established corporate identity. That includes a neutral color palette, used in all marketing materials, a logo, and a collection of printing materials.

Our design team conceived a logo that merges letters “A” and “V” together in an unconventional shape and used it throughout the whole collection, making it a great associative tool.

The logo is now featured in a set of printing materials and media kits that can be used for marketing, advertising, and informational purposes. The printing materials apply all the visual attributes that Authentic Vacations now identifies itself with and can support its journey to spread the importance of personalized and customizable traveling.

Along with the printing materials, Ester took a set of gorgeous photographs that feature marketing assets: business cards, booklets, posters, and leaflets.

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