The Ester Digital team started this project with extensive research. We studied competitors’ websites to avoid repeating the same mistakes and weaknesses in our client’s project. Once we determined the future website structure, we created a precise sitemap and smart navigation to ensure that not a single webpage would escape users’ attention.

The design we created was fully adaptive. Taking into account the target audience requirement and hallmarks of the real estate industry work, we delivered a website that performs and looks great through all the devices.

We believe ease of use is crucial for website visitors. That’s why we implemented a color-coding approach and mark every category with a unique icon to ensure that navigation among numerous web pages is seamless and clear. Such an approach allows us to highlight the company’s expertise and demonstrate attention to users in the smallest detail.

For Become a Local Leader, we aimed to create a website that would look great and stylish not only as a concept but also in real-life usage. We established a fresh-looking and unique visual concept for website images and delivered a comprehensive style guide so that the website remains eye-catching without an army of excellent web designers in the support team.

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