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About our work

Flexible and Versatile: Tailored Custom Illustrations for Your Every Need

We know that a picture is worth a thousand words. Our custom illustration service breathes life into your brand’s identity, making your digital presence more compelling and authentic. Tailored to your unique needs, our illustrations serve as powerful visual narratives that captivate your audience and solidify your brand messaging.

Every good illustration begins with a creative concept. Our illustrators sit down with you, absorbing your brand ethos and understanding your goals, before embarking on the ideation process. This strategic foundation helps us in designing illustrations that resonate with your audience, aligning with your brand identity and strategic goals.

Our custom illustration service stands out due to its flexibility and versatility. Whether you require singular graphics for social media campaigns or a complete illustrated branding package, we are adept at tailoring our services to perfectly suit your needs. Our team of illustrators excels in various styles, mediums, and techniques, promising a final product that brings your vision to fruition.

What we offer

Our Custom Illustration Services

We offer a wide array of custom illustration services to cater to all your design needs. Here’s a glimpse into some of the specialized services we provide:

Tailored Illustration Design

Our services encompass Tailored Illustration Design, where we create unique, bespoke illustrations specifically for your brand. Our creative process involves understanding your brand ethos, requirements, and goals, which we use to craft illustrations that enhance your brand narrative and engagement.

Illustrated Branding Packages

Recognizing the power of consistent branding, we offer Illustrated Branding Packages. From logo designs to complete brand identity illustrations, we provide a comprehensive suite of services that ensure consistency in your visual branding across all touchpoints.

Social Media Illustrations

With digital platforms ruling the roost, having custom illustrations for your social media is critical. Our Social Media Illustration service provides unique graphics tailored to your brand’s voice, helping you stand out in the crowded digital landscape.

Infographic Illustrations

In an era of data overload, presenting information in an easily digestible format is essential. Our Infographic Illustration service transforms complex data into visually appealing and understandable illustrations, making your content both informative and engaging.

Educational Illustrations

Visual aids significantly enhance learning experiences. Our Educational Illustration service provides custom, informative graphics for textbooks, e-learning platforms, and educational guides, making learning more engaging and comprehensible.


Icons are integral to user interfaces, guiding users and improving overall user experience. Our Iconography service designs intuitive, visually appealing icons that not only enrich your interface design but also effectively communicate function and meaning.

Why us

The Power of Our Custom Illustration Services

Proficiency in Visual Communication

We comprehend that effective illustrations aren’t merely about aesthetics, but about conveying your brand’s distinctive narrative in a manner that creates an impact on your audience.

Collaborative & Strategic Approach

We consider your insights and objectives as the driving force for our design process. This cooperative methodology allows us to craft custom illustrations that genuinely represent your brand’s ethos and goals.

Comprehensive Stylistic Range

Be it intricate digital art, or minimalist line art, we adapt our illustration style to align with your brand’s aesthetic and needs.

Quality Assurance & Attention to Detail

We believe the nuances and subtle elements in an illustration make it remarkable, and we are committed to perfecting these details to deliver top-tier quality.

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Ways to engage

Approaches for Effective Partnership

  • Project Based

    For one-time needs that require a more agile approach – we work with your team on projects that have a clearly defined brief, budget, and timeline.

  • Leadership Training

    Drawing on all our experience solving most complex problems and immersing ourselves with your team as Creative Directors.

  • Strategic Partnership

    An ideal fit for companies that have ongoing design needs – we work with you to build out the deliverables needed to drive your marketing efforts.

How we work

The Process Behind Our Custom Illustration Designs

  • Consultation and Discovery

    During this stage, we engage in comprehensive discussions to understand your brand’s identity, objectives, and the unique messaging you wish to convey through the illustrations. We also establish a clear project timeline, ensuring all deliverables align with your deadlines.

  • Conceptualization and Ideation

    Our team engages their creativity, developing diverse concepts that echo your brand values and aesthetic. Here, we leverage our understanding of your brand, coupled with our expertise in visual communication, to begin sketching potential illustrations that will resonate with your target audience.

  • Sketching and Drafting

    This stage involves translating the approved concepts into more detailed drafts. Your involvement is integral during this phase, as we encourage feedback and suggestions to refine the drafts, ensuring that every aspect meets your expectations.

  • Illustration Refinement

    Next, we start working on perfecting the draft illustrations based on your feedback. This iterative process ensures each illustration is fine-tuned, capturing all the necessary details and intricacies that make the artwork unique to your brand.

  • Finalization and Delivery

    This is where we add the final touches, enhancing the illustrations and ensuring their quality is optimal for your intended platforms. You will then receive your custom illustrations, ready for implementation across your brand’s channels.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can Ester Digital work within my established brand guidelines?

    Absolutely. We make it a priority to understand and adhere to your brand guidelines, ensuring that every custom illustration aligns seamlessly with your existing brand identity.

  • How long does it take to complete an illustration project?

    The timeline for an illustration project depends on the complexity of the illustrations and the scope of the project. We always strive to deliver within agreed timelines, without compromising on quality.

  • Can Ester Digital create animated illustrations?

    Yes, we are capable of creating engaging animated illustrations that can bring your brand story to life.

  • Can Ester Digital handle large-scale illustration projects?

    Yes, our team has the capacity and expertise to manage large-scale illustration projects. We ensure timely delivery while maintaining our high-quality standards.

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