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Ester helped the company polish its branding and created an excellent user interface for its new stunning website. 

Nothing gives a better understanding of how the company works than its website. And BOA Ideas needed a corporate site with a clean UI to share their technical expertise, including industry knowledge and overall approach with potential clients.

For that reason, we needed to design an excellent web solution to become BOA Ideas representative number one, transmitting its exclusive passion for web development. However, to make that happen, it was critical to create cohesive and fresh branding that would help them engage and involve the target public.

Since the company operates in two countries with offices in New York and Tel Aviv, a multilingual website was vital to meet the needs of all the BOA Ideas customers. Thus, we had to deliver a multilingual site available in both English and Hebrew.

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From the very beginning of the project, we closely collaborated with the client. Also, the BOA Ideas team gave us feedback by the end of each stage, which allowed us to successfully meet all the brand standards and specifications. 

Initially, the client provided us with the sitemap and content, so we immediately started sketching UI concepts. At Ester, we believe that a properly designed user interface ensures flawless interaction with the digital product and guarantees its accessibility and functionality. Our experienced UI designers offered three different UI concepts, and after the most exciting was chosen, the Ester team started building a blueprint of the client’s ideas. 

As the primary goal was to design a clear set of pages showcasing the company’s professional expertise, including the homepage, service page, and case studies page, we crafted them first. We focused on the proper disposition of UI elements and main content blocks to ensure clean page structure and transparency.

Then, we proceeded to the visual design. Given that the client came to us with the already designed logotype and wanted a branding based on that asset, we decided to keep that direction to meet the client’s expectations. Still, we added some fresh notes to the existing blue color, making it look more professional and prolific. Furthermore, the Ester team chose additional color accents, forming BOA Ideas’ authentic color palette. 

Being a significant part of branding, we know that illustrations can convey an important message. And for that reason, we created several custom illustrations to demonstrate the BOA Ideas’ vast experience in heavy tech-lifting. We employed simple elements with elegant form emphases, finalizing them in strong compositions that would mold the company’s top-notch service. 

When the mockups were handed to the client, we animated several elements to bring the interactivity of the design to the storefront. That would also serve as leverage to the users’ engagements and involvement. Also, during that stage, the Hebrew version of the website was launched.

Thus, Ester created an impressive branding for BOA Ideas and helped the company marry its goals with their new website to deliver the ultimate experience to their target audience.

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