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Evryman is a US-based organization that arranges retreats for men from different backgrounds where they are taught how to deal with the emotional and psychological challenges they face in the modern world. Ester’s health and wellness website designers have worked on Evryman’s brand positioning and developed several solutions using WordPress.

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Evryman is a men’s community which focuses on creating a safe space for men to seek out group therapy and teaching them how to approach their emotions effectively. At this historical moment of change, when the differences between people are shrinking and the issues of inequality are being addressed, men find themselves not having any tools to properly respond to these concerns and be included in the conversation, which, in its turn, makes them feel guilty and culpable. Repressed negative emotions, when left undealt with, can lead to terrible self-destructive behavior and make men take it out on those who are closest to them mainly, women and children. Granted we’re at the stage when seeking psychological help and individual therapy doesn’t seem particularly bizarre, men are still expected to deal with their inner problems on their own. Unfortunately, besides societal pressure there is also a financial one going into therapy can be extremely expensive.

Evryman encourages men to join their community to solve those problems and become better citizens, partners, fathers and employees.

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Founded in 2017 by a group of men who had had previous experience in such retreats, Evryman made its mission clear from the start. First and foremost, Evryman plans to destigmatize the feelings men are traditionally conditioned to suppress and create a safe environment in which they can reveal emotions they’re not expected to. Secondly, it is of utmost importance for Evryman to teach men how to work on their emotional intelligence and develop safe emotional practices for fulfilling and meaningful interactions. Thirdly, the organization encourages its followers to start their own men’s group, providing all the information necessary for that. And lastly, Evryman focuses on creating a culture in which men will be allowed to display their emotions properly and systematically. Evryman claims that its goal over the next five years is to support one million men.

“EVRYMAN is CrossFit for your emotions.”  

– The New York Times

Being a Benefit Corporation, Evryman ensures that all profits they receive, support its social mission and go directly into improving the community. There are a few ways they’re currently using to gain a wider reach. One of the things Evryman is most famous for is expeditions and retreats. Participants go out into nature, explore the wilderness and share their vulnerabilities and insecurities. Going through extreme physical conditions make men build trust and get rid of their emotional baggage. Besides “field” work, Evryman also engages in a variety of online community-building activities, such as Evryman podcast (on Apple Podcasts and Overcast), as well as online courses, for example, Evryman Fundamentals, which is a 6-week long online program that teaches men the basic tools of building solid relationships and being in tune with their emotional state. Additionally, Evryman can be supported through donations that are easy to make via Evryman’s website.

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All of the above wouldn’t be possible without a highly operational website with various useful features and a straightforward style. Ester team collaborated with the masterminds behind Evryman – Lucas Krump, co-founder of Evryman and a primary decision maker on this project, as well as Andrew Kippen and Ebenezer Bond, managers of the project to improve Evryman’s brand presence and develop a clear user experience strategy.

“Evryman was what I personally needed to find happiness and fulfillment in my life, and it turns out many men like me need it too.”  

– Lucas Krump, Evryman co-founder

It is well known that to open up and being vulnerable in a new environment can be very challenging men need a safe and peaceful place, and Evryman’s image should reflect that. To make the brand’s mission as transparent as possible, we worked on the further development of the already extant Evryman user interface. We refreshed the brand’s appearance by using contrasting colors, such as dark blue, light-gray and white, making dark blue a highlighting color. Undisturbed simplicity of the structure applied to the elements of each webpage, brightened by the contrasting colors, emphasizes the feeling of community and belonging, thus reinforcing the brand’s values and drawing attention to its main goals.


All of those principles were reflected in the UX strategy, specifically, in low- and high-fidelity mockups that we created using WordPress. Having a clear understanding of what the user expects from the Evryman website and applying the established brand attributes, Ester relied on the storytelling aspect and made a variety of pages, including a few long-scrolling ones, that offer a continuous and healthy experience.

Dealing with topics that are customarily avoided in a sociocultural discussion requires subtlety and attention to nuances. Evryman claims that its mission is to provide access to a set of simple practices that will help men to develop their emotional intelligence and to continue their journey towards a healthy and fulfilling life. Drawing from Evryman’s signature brand voice, Ester concentrated its efforts on gaining a balance between showing Evryman’s commitment and expertise. Upgraded brand attributes and newly developed solutions will support Evryman’s continuous work on raising awareness about men’s emotional struggles and ways of dealing with them.

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