We all know how competitive the present market is, and here at Ester, together with our clients, we always seek ways to help businesses stand out to get a competitive edge. And the Flexmetrics case wasn’t an exclusion. What now sets apart Flexmetrics from other similar applications is an excellent leaderboard functionality that allows store owners to determine their current position, showcase their success or fix detected pain points to improve their performance. And that was one of the initial client’s requests.

Since the web app was expected to be text-heavy with numerous blocks containing complex financial data, another vital goal was to find a solution that would organize all the information clearly, making it comprehensive and easy to perceive. Additionally, we needed to enable users to calculate their profit, flex their results, and view detailed statistics for multiple Shopify stores. Also, it was critical to make the web app perfectly functional and intuitive both on desktop and mobile and provide the designs of the light and dark themes. 

Ultimately, to help the app gain more recognition and incentivize users to explore it, we needed to create a landing page with the Flexmetrics brand-new logo to describe the app functionality and provide a price list so the potential users would know what to expect.

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While analyzing the requirements settled during the discovery sessions with the client, we then started comparing them to the competitors’ products and their features, taking a closer look at the niche and the target audience. We managed to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the products operating within the same market, which gave us a clear direction to move. 

The client cooperated with our designers and provided clickable prototypes that showcased the desired functionality. Having functional requirements prioritized, we proceeded with the user stories, based on which we built application wireframes, laying the foundation of visual design, user interface, and user experience. That ensured all the functionality was covered and the information architecture followed the priorities defined. Such smooth communication and clarity of the workflow helped us achieve impressive results.

After the wireframing stage, the Ester team initiated the visual framework and branding. We referred to associations with the name and functions of the service to build a clear and memorable logo. Thus, “Flex” turned out to be a golden shade of yellow color that was then harmonized with the restrained dark blue and purple shades for light and dark themes. As for the logo, we wanted it to be minimalistic and simple yet sophisticated enough to bear the app’s top-notch character. The Flexmetrics logo included a raised fist image representing the success, complemented with a chart of statistics. All the design for the desktop format was then made compatible with mobile devices as well.

Being one of Shopify’s essential requirements and generally a good UX practice, the Ester team created a transparent onboarding flow for the new users. Also, we built an appealing landing page with beautiful illustrations providing a complete description of the app’s functionality and its strong sides.

Ester designed an excellent web app, which is now available in the Shopify AppStore, easily integrated into store accounts and monetized by subscription, assisting Shopify entrepreneurs with analyzing, tracking others’ performances, and improving their own. 

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