Wilder contacted Ester Digital to get help in solving different challenges concerning their website design. The goal set was to create a totally new design based on the keywords research and user patterns to demonstrate the family-like and cozy atmosphere since the company itself is compact.

Moreover, they desired to restructure page elements to visualize user paths, consequently, make the website information architecture simple.

The next task was related to the creation of a series of animated abstract illustrations for key pages in order to highlight important services and expertise of their own.

Twitter and LinkedIn social media design imagery was another point they wanted us to cover.

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To help the company with the challenges arisen, we conducted complex research where we tried to find creative concepts based on similar keywords that prevailed in SMEs and Micro businesses. It resulted in choosing the right creative direction.

Therefore, we did our best to develop a stunning design system that reflected the Baltic and Scandinavian spirits.

Furthermore, a new logo following the new design system together with the overall design and development guidelines was created. Thanks to just amazing calligraphy, the logo is made in a rather sophisticated manner.

In addition, this new UI design was totally responsive and applicable for any CMS.

A number of on-page animations and animated blocks, as well as a number of templates for portfolio pages that demonstrated the company’s working process and final outcomes, were produced and customized.

The Baltic & Scandinavian spirits were implemented in the website design due to several reasons. Firstly, it is the company location and its warm attitude towards these countries. Secondly, it’s the association of Scandinavia and the Baltic with high-quality products and services they provide.

Dimmed colors combined with a friendly yellow make the color palette upbeat and pleasant.

As long as the company is focused on providing development services, monospace font, which is used in writing programming codes, was the best option to be applied to the website, thus emphasizing their professionalism and expertise.

Moreover, Bauhaus, which is now one of the most influential design styles, was also used in the design. Being previously an avant-garde movement associated with innovations and rebellion, it is now considered to be a timeless classic. That’s why utilizing it in the design allows us to merge both of these feelings, therefore making the website amazing as well as functional.

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