The Internet provides enormous opportunities for enterprises and allows them to transmit a vast amount of information and data which is not always easy to monitor. While enterprises can track their own activity, it’s hard for them to be sure that the users understand the complex security mechanisms and follow safety instructions. Security-conscious organizations would like to explore different opportunities without being exposed to a large risk of leaking sensitive information onto the web. Garrison created an ultra-secure isolation technology that lets companies fully use the Internet to their benefit and remain safe from cyber attacks.

The Garrison team believes that simple threat detection is not enough: they present threat elimination platforms that provide an unparalleled level of security and performance. Garrison considers all data as unreliable, consequently, it isolates and transforms the data into a simpler and safer format. 

This is ensured by a hardsec technology – a hardware-enforced web isolation solution that uses non-Turing-machine technology to provide security for the most sensitive media, including banking, military, finance, and government organizations. Garrison offers several products, such as isolation and transfer appliances and a cloud platform, all of which grant the highest levels of data security.

When approaching the work task, Ester opted to rely on an immaculate and sophisticated design that can leave room for complex information and bring a wholesome and pleasant look. When working with companies similar to Garrison, designers are often tempted to create elaborate and overdone websites that would reflect the technological nature of the organization. However, Ester chose to implement a simple and sharp style that would not distract the users’ attention from the content of the website. 

The designed interface had to be both minimalistic and distinct since it was important for the Garrison team to stand out and have a clear brand voice that wouldn’t send users away.

Having this in mind, we decided to give the website a simplistic and sleek look and put the emphasis on its main page. It is the heart of the website as it gives the first impression of the company and gives an opportunity for users to get acquainted with the features and tools Garrison provides. We broke down the content of the website into several blocks to make it more accessible and user-friendly, focusing on three main sections – Ultra Secure Browsing, Hardsec, and Unique Security Platforms. 

All sections are clickable, leading to the blocks on the main page and providing more detailed information and links to the corresponding pages where users can read additional information on the solutions and products. Together with the website UI/UX design, Ester developed a responsive and user-friendly mobile design to the website to make sure its visual identity is uniform across all media.

Ester was tasked to develop a clear brand voice that would make Garrison stand out among similar tech-based websites. Ester created a brand identity that emphasizes the uniqueness of the technology that Garrison applies and focuses on their expertise, helping them to promote themselves as a credible and trustworthy provider of modern applications and products. 

A monochromatic color palette of the website lends itself to the rigidity and precision of the style we usually associate with the world of high-tech. To ensure the website’s homogeneity and consistency, we used green across all pages in various forms. Green is used for highlighting, acknowledging interaction, bringing emphasis to the given point, and tying everything together.

Garrison’s approach to data security has been deemed a game-changer as it eliminates vulnerable software from the equation and applies lower-complexity hardware systems that are harder to hack and are far more cost-effective. Ester helps Garrison to develop a responsive and memorable design for their website as well as a distinct brand voice that would support Garrison’s mission to provide secure data transfer and protection against cyber-attacks.

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