The new brand identity of Irish Horizons reflects the unforgettable experiences in extraordinary places they offer to their clients. The first requirement the design team received from business was to refresh and simplify the logo mark, and at the same time, to make Irish Horizons a “sister brand” of Experience England, an events and incentives company specialising in England and Wales.

Ester worked closely with Irish Horizon’s marketing experts in order to learn more about the company’s heritage, vision and values. Irish Horizon’s new logo resembles a round shamrock-like seal. It carries deep symbolism in its design. The stylised shamrock represents Irish tradition and culture, and the logo’s round shape is a symbol of the company’s global network and professionalism. The logo’s composition is almost identical to the one of Experience England, which allows their two brands to form a visual rhyme when used in a single space.

In terms of the colours, what could represent the uniqueness of Ireland and its sights better than the rich, royal green and subtle, dimmed golden metallic? Together they make a charming pair, supported by a pastel greyish background.

Irish Horizons’ new logo and font family is modern, simple and streamlined but still meaningful. Due to its simplicity it is equally effective in both digital and physical applications. Together with the other branding elements it is now applied to the company’s invoices, presentations, tour proposals, and many more.

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