Annette contacted Ester to design a stunning interpretive website for a new role as an executive coach, perfectly showcasing her professional expertise and experience. Since there were several disappointing service providers prior, the client expected a creative yet professional approach to her case. And that was, and always stays Ester’s priority. 

Our goal was to create a site with a strong focus on the visual image that would allow Annette to exhibit her vast background. It was critical to build a simple yet original solution so it would help the client to keep her messaging clean and direct and at the same time help to stand out and appeal to the public.

We had a series of weekly meetings where we discussed Annette’s business in-depth to understand its essence and offer several proposals to meet her needs. Based on that, we provided four exclusive visual concepts and mood boards, each revealing the sides of her business differently. Eventually, the client settled on the one inspired by abstract art, Bauhaus school, and the mid-century modern print media and textures.

Since Annette provided us with the textual content, we could immediately proceed to the wireframing process, where the Ester team crafted the page structure and produced clean information architecture. 

When creating the visual side of the design, we wanted to bring the content, colors, and typography together with the previously determined direction to establish the ultimate brand personality for Annette’s website. From the landing page to the design form, we employed refined color and typography. Choosing the pastel tones with elegant accents like red and yellow as the primary colors, we managed to create a stunning brand image that would act as an incentive to explore Annette’s professional expertise. Also, during that stage, we made the design responsive, introducing a mobile version of a website.

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As the client wanted a website to engage and impress the target audience, directly messaging the business purpose and inviting the public to explore it, we needed to find an effective way to make that happen. The Ester team animated one of the primary visuals, which symbolized progress and advance, making the overall design more interactive and dynamic. 

Then, the Strapi back-end helped us build a secure and reliable micro-CMS solution with Amazon AWS as a hosting server. That would enable the client to manage the evolving website independently without any professional aid. 

Ester created a splendid website for the client that not exclusively acts as an information source but also serves as Annette’s business representative number one, producing a sophisticated and exciting impression on everyone who interacts with it.

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