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When addressing the Ester team, the client asked for a simple yet functional website so it would be easy to showcase a list of the company services and give future customers a better idea of the wide range of expertise Listpix provides.

Since around 75% of Listpix leads were using mobile devices to reach the service provider, it also was critical to ensure the website was mobile-friendly. For that reason, we needed to adhere to a mobile-first approach, which would guarantee excellent functionality and compatibility with both mobile and desktop. 

Furthermore, the client needed a solution to facilitate the booking procedure and incentivize potential customers to explore more about the possible deal. Thus, another goal was to produce a smooth booking experience with a secure payment gateway to provide immediate payment for a session.

We cooperated with the client in biweekly sprints to present our outcomes. Also, given the possible risk of getting a time gap between the development of the designs and the development of the functional features, we decided to divide the development stage into two parts – the website part and the booking procedure. While we were developing the website part, the client decided what changes to make to the booking process to enhance its efficiency. Thus, the Ester team managed to escape time and effort expenditures, eliminating any possible inconsistency of the workflow.

While creating a brand image, we used customer segmentation and competitor analysis to design every page of the Listpix future website accordingly. As the client wanted a simple design, we produced a minimalist UI. That involved a minimalist color palette, refined typography, and clean icons, shaping a basic set of pages, including homepage, about us page, and services page. Since we were focusing on the simplicity of the information presented, we employed a visual hierarchy. That would make the content readable and easy to perceive, which was one of the priorities for the client.

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For a photography firm, as Listpix, we knew it was critical to provide the same perfect photography on their website as they did to their clients in the projects. So, we focused much on the visual and ensured it was consistent with the firm’s mission and contributed to the direct messaging, thus generating more credibility and trust within the potential customers.

As a result, together with the client, Ester created a niche-oriented mobile-friendly website to serve the particular needs of the client and even more. Now, it acts as the representative of Listpix real estate photography firm, helping it engage with potential customers and generate more closed deals.

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