Title Genius’ website was outdated and lacked several important functionality features that kept its service from a continual customer flow. Ester has created a top-notch website design complemented with the essential functionality to involve more customers and provide them with an exceptional experience.

Although the Ester team didn’t have to create the website design from scratch, the process still required lots of work. Given that the client started working with other designers before choosing Ester, initially, we’ve got two already designed pages. Our first goal was to design the rest of the pages accordingly yet add more personality and style to the web site so it would reflect the company’s essence.  

As navigation is one of the staple constituents of a smooth user experience and an indication of a prolific website design, another critical task for the Ester team was to polish their website’s navigation. That would allow users to find the desired information without performing extra actions or scratching through all the pages to reach the needed option. 

Furthermore, Title Genius wanted impeccable functionality to improve the user experience at maximum, which would make the target audience halfway deal with the company. To be more precise, the client wanted a Closing cost calculator to expose the costs for the service right away on the website. Besides, it was critical to provide customers with interactive closing documents – so they knew what to expect from the company even before entering the doors of its offices.

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We had a series of meetings with the client where our team offered different design options. After the client gave feedback on each option, we helped choose the perfect fit for Title Genius and started the implementation stage. 

At Ester, we believe that thorough research is half the battle. And before plunging into design processes, we explored all information related to the project, including the client’s existing website. That gave us a clear direction to move, so we efficiently outlined our work. 

The Ester team started with a sitemap to erase the initial lack of consistency and clarity. Thus, prior clunky, unstructured information architecture acquired a logical and comprehensive look, essential for smooth website functioning.

Then, we launched the design process. When choosing the style and mood of the web platform, our professional team has put much attention to the company’s mission. We picked up a bright color palette to deliver the same light and enjoyable experience the company provides with its service – the easy and quick closing procedure for all types of business and streamlined selling process for real estate. 

The content of the web site was quite heavy, so when working on typography, we gave preference to simple yet refined fonts. Also, we used contrastive colors to make the information more readable and digestible.

To intensify the emotional impact of design, we included visuals that featured people enjoying their life. That is extremely contagious, so users can feel the same when looking at photos and associate that feeling with the Title Genius. 

Finally, we made the style guide with all components, typography, and colors we employed. That would help the client in case of the redesign or new design inputs, keeping the web platform’s look holistic regardless of the changes.

Ester Digital has designed a multifunctional website for Title Genius where users can effortlessly get all the needed information, calculate closing costs before the actual deal, and explore interactive closing documents on request. That indicates a prolific customer-centered service the Title Genius now can easily provide with their new website.

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