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Referral Exchange, Designed and Developed by Ester Digital

Referral Exchange is a free online service that connects home buyers and sellers with local real estate agents who best fit their needs. The platform includes only top-performing real estate agents from leading brokerages nationwide, which makes Referral Exchange a reliable and trusted service provider. Also, it provides excellent customer support by using sophisticated technology and advanced data science to match experts and clients together. 

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Referral Exchange, Designed and Developed by Ester Digital
Referral Exchange, Designed and Developed by Ester Digital

Ester worked on real estate website development, created a brilliant mobile-first landing page to enhance the user experience, and helped realtors effortlessly connect with the clients boosting more closed deals.

When speaking about the real estate industry, it’s critical to understand that most home buyers and sellers primarily come to the web to search for the service. And to be that efficient, real estate needs to shift its focus toward online platforms to meet the needs of contemporary customers. Hopefully, the Referral Exchange team knows that and even more – wants a better experience for their clients. 

That is why they asked the Ester team to help them provide a smooth online communication between their clientele groups – real estate experts and home buyers and sellers. Experts are notified via text and email messages – they know that it’s vital to respond very quickly to win the business. Still, Referral Exchange wanted to leverage their job efficiency by providing a convenient and easy way to reach the seller.

Rob Kassees Vice President of Product at ReferralExchange
A real estate platform tapped Ester Digital to redesign its landing pages. The team was able to deliver an initial version of the deliverables which was later improved thanks to the client's feedback. Their workflow was effective and their turnaround was fast.
Referral Exchange, Designed and Developed by Ester Digital

Thus, we were tasked to create a clear interface where an agent coming from the text message could easily find all the necessary data and immediately contact the client without having to perform multiple actions. And since notifications were sent to mobile, it was integral to craft a mobile-first experience that would streamline the real estate side handling of the referrals.

Also, to advance productivity and efficiency, the Referral Exchange team asked us to create an easier and quicker way to get feedback on the expert’s progress of their referrals. That would allow them to apply for prior relationship status, building a mutually beneficial relationship with the company.

Referral Exchange, Designed and Developed by Ester Digital

Ester had a series of meetings with the client, where all details were discussed. The client came to us with the wireframes, so we had to design the landing page according to the Referral Exchange style guidelines to maintain consistency across all channels of communication. As the client sent us the design specifications, we started examining them to set up the right direction for our work. 

We created several user flows that allowed us to see the main touchpoints and areas to work with. Thus, the initial landing page lacked clear structure and logic. The cause lay in numerous content blocks that were cluttering a small mobile screen. And to manage that issue, it was essential to place the content in a way it would be easy to perceive. Our designers did an excellent job by employing a visual hierarchy to highlight the most important information and shift the user’s focus to the CTA block on the landing page.

Referral Exchange, Designed and Developed by Ester Digital
Referral Exchange, Designed and Developed by Ester Digital

As for the seller’s contact information, we highlighted it with the help of typography and color, so it was instantly recognizable and readable yet not interfering with the CTA or other elements. We took bold fonts and colors for the primary information, including the name of the seller, the price point, and contact details, and more neutral yet readable colors for the secondary data.

After, we proceeded to the contact CTA block, where it was critical to prioritize the calls to actions according to their importance – calling was the best option while texting and emailing were the second major. We decided to highlight the calling button with a bright color compatible with the style of the landing page.

In case the agent rejected the referral, we had another user flow designed at the initial stage. There, we crafted a simple form where the agents could choose one of the options to explain their decision. That would advance more prolific feedback the company wanted to get.

Ultimately, Ester provided the client with an excellent mobile-first experience that now does a better job organizing information for experts and helps them streamline their handling of referrals, resulting in higher engagements and more closed deals. 

Referral Exchange, Designed and Developed by Ester Digital
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