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Spring Health is a New York-based, next-generation HIPAA-compliant platform providing comprehensive mental health benefits programs for employers. Ester, a medical website design company, worked on developing a marketing website making it error-free, easily maintained, and operative across all available media.

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Various studies have shown that one in five Americans experience certain problems relating to mental health, but around 80% of them don’t access the help they need. The Spring Health team believes that mental health care shouldn’t be uniform for everybody. Spring Health’s mission is to provide barrier-free mental health care that takes into account the unique needs of every patient from the get-go and provides personalized recommendations that are much less likely to result in ineffective treatment. Spring Health CEO and co-founder April Koh said: “Everything around us is personalized these days… but you can’t get personalized recommendations for your mental health care.”

“I wanted to build a platform that connects you with the right care for you from the very beginning.”  

– April Koh, Spring Health CEO and co-founder

Spring Health values include putting patients first, relying on clinical proof and working with various scientifically proven solutions. Spring Health aims to promote its science-based technology and evidence-based treatment as endorsed by the American Psychiatric Association.

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“I partnered with leading expert on personalized psychiatry, Dr Adam Chekroud, our Chief Scientist, and my friend Abhishek Chandra, our CTO, to start Spring Health.”  

– April Koh, Spring Health CEO and co-founder

Spring Health presents itself as an online mental health centre giving out recommendations to employees based on the responses to questionnaires generated with the help of machine learning-driven platforms. Spring Health uses AI-driven tools and a data-driven approach to shape a “precision mental health care” that uses scientific data units to identify the right treatment approach for a specific person that is more likely to help them in the long term. After that, the patients get a personalized and evidence-based treatment plan along with a designated Care Navigator who coordinates their journey and access to the Spring Health network of vetted providers (in case the treatment plan involves therapy). This mechanism ensures that every patient’s issue gets addressed competently and promptly.

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Being a for-profit start-up, Spring Health managed to raise $30 million: $8 million in seed funding in a round led by Rethink Impact by July 2018 and $22 million in Series A funding round led by Northzone, Equinox Ventures and Able Partners by January 2020. Series A funding suggests that the company established itself as a viable solution and is showing a potential for future growth profitability. Spring Health was able to meld its specialities in Health Care and Outpatient Care with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as a result of this funding.

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Once Spring Health managed to raise the necessary amount of external capital, their team started to work on creating a website that was intended to reach one of the leading positions among similar industry websites. The team wanted to have an efficient and data-driven website that would incorporate proprietary machine learning technologies and be easy to maintain for the Spring Health team. The client already had remarkable and stunning mockups, so Ester helped to create a style guide and transform their low-fidelity mockups into highly customizable and responsive solutions. The challenge was in the timing: our team was pressed for time, and we needed to develop a website within a few weeks for a company presentation for investors.

“We needed to develop a website withing a few weeks for a company presentation for investors.”  

– The Ester team

Taking into consideration the team’s goals and ambitions, Ester decided to develop a responsive marketing website for Spring Health using WordPress. This choice was motivated by a few crucial factors. Firstly, WordPress is convenient to use even for people with no technical knowledge, which was the case with the Spring Health marketing team. Secondly, improving the ranking of WordPress-based websites is easier since the coding is relatively transparent, thus increasing the visibility of the website. Lastly, WordPress capabilities for developing a responsive website are exceptional – and it was among the most important issues for Spring Health.

Along with the work on developing and launching the website, Ester worked closely with the Spring Health team on adding a few touches to the website’s established design to make the user experience more authentic.

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The rise of mental health care platforms, such as Spring Health, is a crucial moment for mental health care as a whole. It allows mental health care organizations to move to online resources, expand their reach and spread the idea of the importance of mental health. Spring Health’s proven approach is less costly than regular therapy sessions, it leads to higher recovery rates and shorter recovery times. Their website had to display the balance between convenience and competence. With the help of Ester, Spring Health swiftly launched an efficient website that captures the essence of its mission and can be easily maintained by their non-tech team.

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