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Well sometimes it is quite complicated to explain simplicity!

We let our work speak for itself.


How We Work:

Front-End Template Bootstrapping

Our WordPress website design company converts all of the existing mockups from *.sketch (*.figma or *.psd) to HTML pages. This also includes all CSS stylings and JS logic for UX. If you don’t have designs ready to work on, we are glad to help you with Art Direction or UI\UX design.

Back-End And Server Setup

In tandem with the above, we set up a (staging) production server for your website. This step also includes all work regarding WordPress CMS, database, API, role management etc.

Integrate Static Website With Back-End

This is the final development step — connecting static styled website templates with data from the back-end to make everything connected and functional.

Quality Assurance

After completing the above steps we need to ensure that all of the user stories are finished, and all acceptance criteria are met. Before ending our work our WordPress website design company iterates the product as many times as necessary, finds any bugs, and fixes them.

Your Website Is Ready To Go Live

After a few Quality Assurance sessions, our account manager will be in touch with you to confirm all the details regarding your hosting provider and domain name. After that, we are ready to transfer your website to the hosting platform you have chosen.


It’s not enough to just invest in the right technology. Our team will help you with everything you need for a successful website: from weekly WordPress updates to server log monitoring. Learn more about WordPress Maintenance and Support services here.


The new site saw an increase in conversions, leads generated, and search rankings, exceeding the expectations of the internal team. Ester Digital establishes a smooth workflow through effective communication. The team is hard-working, experienced, and creative.

Michael Yates, VP of Marketing



Ester Digital's work helped the client gain better rankings and increase traffic. They also helped decrease bounce-rate. The team's workflow was very effective and they were clear with their communication.

Antonio Gurei, Project Manager



Ester Digital created a strong website. The style guidelines have been implemented into marketing materials. The workflow was professional and flexible overall.

Sarah Han, Project Management


You Are In Good Company

We want to shine brighter than all the others hence our team of twenty-six people are led by industry top talents as noted by TopTal platform.

Arthur Sidorenko

CTO & Development Partner

Roman Likhovich

CTO & Development Partner

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