Both a UX and UI audit were essential to relaunch the outdated website the company was using at that time Ester’s UI designers were to create an engaging digital experience, to improve lead capture and allow the new customers to book tours in a simple and intuitive way.

Looking at the website from a travel agent’s perspective allowed us to reimagine their experience – and to build a smooth, user-centered process for the ordering of tailor-made tours. The new, welcoming appearance of Trans Nordic Tours’  website is called to transmit the Scandinavian aesthetic and value of the unique services that Trans Nordic Tours provide to the market.

The clear, crisp colours, subtle iconography, and stunning visuals transmit the professionalism and human-oriented approach of the Trans Nordic Tours’ team. Photographically,  the impressive nordic landscapes are balanced with heart-warming, cheerful glimpses of the team’s travel experiences and daily office life.

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Besides creating the impressive homepage and tour pages, Ester’s design team introduced a simple and intuitive booking flow, clear navigation through the key destinations, and a friendly-looking Team and Careers area with an opportunity to join the TNT family. And of course, the website is fully responsive.

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