The primary function of Sentimently is to test out the reaction of users to certain content – be it in the form of an audio, video, live, or youtube study, while they are engaging with it. You can get the feedback right away and collect the data in a more reliable and direct way in real-time.

Sentimently asked Ester to redesign their basic and rough web app and make it appealing and user-friendly. Before jumping on the project, our team carried out thorough research: we analyzed how similar data analysis companies approach their information architecture, data visualization models, and overall design decisions. After that, together with the client, we discussed the main pain points of the website, ways to improve it and decided to create a platform with a low barrier of entry for users to be fully accessible and user-friendly.

To achieve that, we worked on several areas. Firstly and most importantly, we redefined the user stories. Right now, there are two of them: for a person who conducts the analysis (admin) and for a respondent. The respondents can use a slider to specify their feelings (from positive to neutral to negative), thus creating a chart for the admin to see and evaluate. The admin can filter the data according to the type of the research or content, the project statuses, share them, see the respondents’ info, get a mean reaction/value, and see the data in various shapes and forms.

Apart from that, we reworked the Sentimently logo. Now it resembles the letter “S,” which can stand for a number of things – from simply denoting “Sentimently” to synergy, an exchange, two magnets pulling together – the choice depends on your imagination. It features a shade of blue that runs throughout the whole website and serves as a primary contrasting color.

Also, our team designed and developed a simple and super accessible landing page that explains how the product works and features an explanation video with the same design elements and style to ensure consistency. We also did the same for the mobile version of the app, making sure it’s fully responsive and ready to use.

With such an uncluttered and clean design, Sentimently users now can get acquainted and focus on the data collection effortlessly and openly.

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