Trans Nordic Tours are not just specialists in Scandinavian culture and leisure, but also keen on preserving their heritage. The company was established in Copenhagen in 1995. Therefore, when the travel experts aimed to update their logo and branding their old symbol, the Viking boat, was an important image to retain.

In looking for the right direction, Ester’s team examined plenty of documentary sources from different epochs, from runic stones to modernist-era Danish and Scandinavian typography and print design. Hours of sketching later, Ester’s art director and graphic designer collaborated to create a handcrafted typographic mark inspired by Scandinavian runes and grotesque modernist typefaces. Ensuring the continuity of the brand personality, we preserved the most prominent and recognizable features of TNT’s old logo.

The custom logotype is became versatile due to the interaction of the boat symbol and the modular wordmark. Focusing on a blend of modernity and tradition, human nature and eternal landscapes led us to a minimalistic, crystal-clear visual solution. The brand guidelines created from scratch served as a basis for the future website.