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We all know how critical it is to highlight an online presence, especially for a newly-launched business. That can advance a competitive edge and guarantee better customer involvement. There are many ways to do that – social media networking, efficient marketing, or advertising. Still, the role of the business website remains of the utmost significance. 

The Ester team introduced an appealing website design with a smooth and impeccable booking process for TryppAway and created a brilliant Coming Soon page to draw potential customers in before the launch.

TryppAway needed a qualified solution for their opening online presence – present a new product to the customers and encourage them to explore it. And the Ester team had set several goals to deliver that to the client.

First, we had to create an impressive Coming Soon page to boost anticipation and excite the target visitors to stay tuned until their website goes live. 

Another crucial task was to build a beautiful website design to captivate potential customers and engage with them. For that reason, it was vital to showcase what TryppAway does, outline its products, and highlight destinations to make it clear for the visitors. Besides paving the way for direct messaging and smooth communication, that would also help the company set itself apart from the competitors.

Furthermore, TryppAway wanted enhanced functionality so that the customers could feel confident with the product. And our team also needed to craft an impeccable booking process to meet that requirement.

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We interacted with the client through our experienced project manager to suggest and discuss several options of design. After the detailed feedback from the client, we helped choose the most suitable one, and the Ester team plunged into the design process. 

First, we developed an exceptional Coming soon page design, compatible with the needs of the client. It was aimed to captivate visitors and impress them so they would follow the company’s development. 

Then, we started website design. Since it was vital to link the newly-launched website with the search engine in order to add to the website’s prosperity, the Ester team constructed a well-organized sitemap. That was also a matter of clarifying the web platform’s architecture to ensure it would be accessible and easy to navigate to provide a streamlined booking procedure to the travelers.

Later, we worked on wireframes to determine the basic structure of the future website, the position of UI elements, and available features. That allowed us to see how the final product would look and be organized. And only after we ensured everything was consistent, an UI design process was launched. 

Besides focusing on the welcoming and inviting look and feel of the TryppAway website, the Ester team also ensured an impeccable experience to enable customers to tailor-made their website journey and be very clear about what is included in their package. That would allow them to find descriptions of all directions, choose desired trips using a convenient filter, effortlessly book trips and flights in just a few clicks.

Eventually, we introduced a multifunctional website enhanced with a prolific UI design and a smooth booking process. We guaranteed it would appeal to the target customers, encouraging them to explore the website, which could be a good start for the TryppAway opening online presence.

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