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Virtuance provides stunning real estate photography that helps realtors improve listing performance effortlessly. They needed to revamp their outdated website in order to improve the overall user experience. Being a team of youthful, forward-thinking people who believe in constant learning and performance improvement, Virtuance demanded a bold, modern design that would match their innovative approach.

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The efficient design process couldn’t be achieved without a complete UX audit since Virtuance’s website was somewhat large and ungainly with unclear navigation at that time. Ester’s UX team built an improved sitemap and a set of wireframes for the most complex pages.

The new design includes several interactive tools allowing prospective customers to see the difference between regular photographs and Virtuance’s professionally executed shots. Also, it offers an ability for real estate professionals to create custom, branded marketing materials, such as presentations and property landing pages, using pre-built templates.

A significant UX challenge was to redesign a checkout flow. The main two goals were to make the scheduling process extremely flexible by allowing users to select photographers and time slots as well as to add an ability to order marketing enhancements in a few clicks. Taking clues from user’ feedback, our team was able to create a smooth experience and eliminate frustrations during the checkout process.

Further, the design team offered Virtuance a new, vibrant colour scheme. The updated palette features three primary colors. Proportionally it involves far more white than the previous version making the UI look cleaner. Though orange remained the website’s primary colour, its usage was moderated to allow the photos to stand out. 

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