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Tanya Donska

Being addicted to UI/UX design, Tetiana is an expert in this field with over 6 years of experience. She is an award-winning creative director working with clients from various industries. Tetiana is a UK Global Talent Visa Recipient and an Awwwards jury member.
Tetiana Donska

Articles by Tanya Donska

Ultimate Checklist for B2B Website Development

In 2024, developing a digital platform in the B2B sector demands an unconventional approach. It requires a specialized strategy specifically tailored to meet sophisticated business needs. Partnering with a professional B2B website agency that understands the nuances of B2B website strategy and the importance of a powerful web presence, can be an ideal option. Since...

Responsive Design Best Practices for 2024

In 2024, the digital realm continues advancing and responsive web design becomes more crucial. Nowadays, users predominantly access the internet through their smartphones. That’s why it is important to create web experiences that adapt seamlessly across different devices. So, businesses need to find a responsive website design service that can professionally cover these demands.  This...

what does crm mean in real estate
What Is a CRM in Real Estate

Good customer relationships are essential to the success of most businesses, and real estate is no exception. To cope with various inquiries and databases, you need to ensure that you can organize all the received information. This task can be challenging, especially if you have more than 100 buyers. This is where customer relationship management...

How to Create a Personal Website

Hey there, digital adventurer! Are you ready to embark on a wild ride of personal branding and website creation? Because let us tell you, in today’s virtual world, having a personal platform is like having a virtual passport to the world of endless opportunities. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, a creative genius, or just a...

Neuromarketing Website Design: How to Connect to Clients’ Brains

There is a vast array of businesses globally, yet enterprise owners aim for the same outcome when it comes to customer experience: to make it as great as possible. While some companies concentrate on the quality of their products and services, others focus on streamlining the purchasing process and incorporating advanced security measures. It is...

Responsive vs Adaptive Web Design: What’s The Difference

In today’s digital era, the vast array of digital devices available in the market has made it imperative for web designers to consider various screen sizes during the design process. From tiny smartwatch screens to large computer monitors, every screen size demands a unique approach, making the job of designers extremely challenging. However, selecting the...