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Tetiana Donska

Being addicted to UI/UX design, Tetiana is an expert in this field with over 6 years of experience. She is an award-winning creative director working with clients from various industries. Tetiana is a UK Global Talent Visa Recipient and an Awwwards jury member.
Tetiana Donska

Articles by Tetiana Donska

Startup Website Design: Key To Success And Top Examples

In recent years, the term “startup” has gained widespread usage in the business world, and its popularity continues to sprout. As a result, numerous books, websites, and other resources have been devoted to this industry. But what exactly does this term mean, and what are its distinguishing characteristics? In this article, our startup design agency...

A New Role of a Business Website Within the Digital Transformation Landscape

In the digital era, change is an inevitable factor. Over the years, the digital transformation has revolutionized the way businesses operate. This transformation has introduced numerous novelties in both business management and the assets it employs. As a result, corporate web development has gained a new role in business operations. However, this is not the...

How to Update Your Website: Tips and Best Practices

At some point, website owners might wonder if it’s time to update their platform. With technologies evolving constantly and business goals changing, it’s only natural to want to improve your site. In this article, we’ll discuss how frequently you should update it and the steps to follow to ensure a successful renovation. We’ll also cover...

How to Create & Design a Fitness Website

Healthcare website design is an effective advertising tool with which companies can catch the attention of potential customers, establish cooperation with new business partners, and at the same time sell their products or services. Moreover, competent development and promotion of the fitness center site can guarantee business growth and success along with a constant stream...

CMS: Its Essence and How-To-Choose Guide

How to attract and retain visitors to your website? One effective way is by incorporating value-adding elements such as content, images, videos, and graphics, which also earn favor with search engines. Once you have created such content, the next step is to publish, manage, update, and distribute it to users online. This can be a...

How to Design the Best Footer: Winning Formula & Top Examples

The fierce competition on the internet has driven modern websites from various fields and of different purposes to seek ways to stand out and be unique. Achieving this requires thoroughly studying every detail of the platform, making it so enticing that visitors will want to return. Here, enticing and effective footer design can help. Also,...