Tetiana Donska

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Tetiana Donska

Being addicted to UI/UX design, Tetiana is an expert in this field with over 6 years of experience. She is an award-winning creative director working with clients from various industries. Tetiana is a UK Global Talent Visa Recipient and an Awwwards jury member.


Tetiana Donska

Articles by Tetiana Donska


Fitness Website Design: Its Essence And Top 10 Inspirational Examples

Healthcare website design is an effective advertising tool with which companies can catch the attention of potential customers, establish cooperation with new business partners, and at the same time sell their products or services. Moreover, competent development and promotion of the fitness center site can guarantee business growth and success along with a constant stream...


CMS: Its Essence and How-To-Choose Guide

How to attract and retain visitors to your website? Content, images, videos, and graphics provide users with additional value to the resource and are also positively noted by search engines. Once created, any content must be published and then managed, updated, and distributed on the internet to the users. Regardless of the size of the...


How to Design the Best Footer: Winning Formula & Top Examples

With the fierce competition on the Internet, modern websites from various fields and of different purposes are constantly looking for ways to become the most recognizable and unique. To achieve this, it is crucial to thoroughly study each detail of the website so that the visitors want to come back again. Many companies believe that...


Contact Us Page Design: Top Tips and Best Examples

The goal of any website is to provoke the interest of the target audience in the service or product provided. And when customers have already made up their mind about making a purchase or in case of some issues or problems, they may want to contact the company. That’s why in order not to lose...


What Brand Colors to Choose: Exploring the Variety

When it comes to choosing colors for their brands, many companies and businesses are mainly guided by their own tastes and preferences. Unfortunately, they do not understand that by doing that, they are making a terrible mistake. Research shows that color in marketing catches most of the attention, therefore the decision on brand colors should...


Website Navigation Design: How-to Guide & Best Practices

It’s hard to argue that proper website navigation is crucial. One could say it’s similar to a map the purpose of which is to lead a person to their destination. Website navigation leads users too – but to the information they need and actions they want to take. It’s not easy to find the necessary...


How to Use Psychology in Web Design

Why do web designers provide particular UI design services and use certain graphic elements and principles? They know what their visitors pay attention to and what exactly should be emphasized in order to get the desired reaction from them. A lot of web designers know how to increase the conversion rate of a site and...


Mockup Design: Starting From Scratch

Every design starts with a concept. Creating something without giving it a clear structure and outline first is a waste of time. Mockups help to visualize the idea and present it to the partners or clients. What are mockups? How to build a mockup? What do they consist of? What software can you use for...