Unfortunately, it wasn’t the case – their previous website lacked a distinct brand voice, didn’t have the design that showcased anything related to cyber security, and was rather slow and hard to maintain. Certus asked us to update their branding, carry out the UX audit, and develop the website’s foundation.

We started off with a thorough examination of the existing layouts. They needed to be changed: the stock photos of the city view did not correspond to the company’s theme, cyber security, and the overall brand style needed to be tailor-made. We provided the client with a list of proposed adjustments that could reflect their mission and hi-tech nature for their design team to implement. 

Besides that, we created three moodboard concepts for the Certus team to choose from. All of them featured hi-tech-inspired visuals but together with the client we decided to opt for a lighter version that features cubes, various lines and shapes that represent the vulnerabilities of the systems that Certus readily eradicates.

Thus, the website has an abstract visual style that still indicates their work specifics. With the overall concept chosen, we were able to sharpen their visual identity to the maximum and create a number of identity elements that helped to tie the design decisions together. For example, we developed a series of templates and covers for their posts, designed illustrations for their case studies, and generally updated the visual representation of the content on the website. 

Our team also worked on the iconography and graphics to ensure the consistency of their design across all Certus digital outlets. Finally, we made an artboard that features all the illustration elements and visual forms for the client to reuse them at any time.

Since the Certus website had to house a CMS, we decided to use Laravel for the development of the platform. It’s a great option for scaling up, it’s autonomous, doesn’t require a constant plugin reupdate, and is incredibly easy and intuitive to use for the client which means they can administer and support the website themselves. We also helped them create their blog and case studies pages from scratch to ensure their expertise is shown.

The client was so impressed by our work on custom illustrations and social media design, so the Certus team also asked us to redesign their presentations – the first being an overview of their working processes and services and the second serving as a business proposal. We were tasked to produce brand-related slides in one consistent style so the client could reuse them, which would be a long-term decision. 

Since initial presentations sent by the client were content-heavy, we needed to find a smart solution that would lessen the cognitive load. For that reason, we chose simple layouts and divided some of the slides into two to escape the textual clutter. Thus, we designed excellent presentation slides to fit the Certus brand identity yet be easily reusable given different purposes. 

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