Aparici history dates back to the 1940s when its founder, Maximiano Aparici, decided to reintroduce an ancient Spanish pottery tradition with the same red clay that was used since the sixteenth century. Aparici aspires to create its product in a way that would enhance and complement the overall interior and exterior design rather than drawing attention away from it.

Aparici emphasizes that they set extremely high standards for their quality and aesthetic features. Aparici tiles are not simply a construction material, but a crucial part of the architectural arrangement.

Our design team applied a user-centric approach and created a set of transparent and stunning mockups that would make it easier for the viewers to browse through different collections, projects, and catalogs while demonstrating the full Aparici product range. They also incorporated a smart design tool that allows users to see how the room would look like with Aparici tiles in 3D.

Apart from UI/UX design we also worked on the development of the Aparici website. It includes an e-commerce platform that we created using WordPress and that is easy to use for the customers who want to look through the whole catalog and get acquainted with the features of every tile type.

The website has a responsive design that is optimized for different media: from various browsers to tablets and mobile phones. We arranged the photos and pieces of information in text in such a way that would be easy to navigate through on any device.

Aparici’s new website and design expand their reach to new clients and promote their values of simplicity, attention to detail, and striving for the highest quality.

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