This set of surreal and melancholic scenes is a self-initiated tribute project that commemorates the favorite songs of Ester’s lead designer. It is dedicated to 10 musical pieces that are powerful enough to shape our personalities and brighten our days. The series explores the heritage of artists from many genres and eras ranging from David Bowie to Four Tet and Lebanon Hanover.

A set of limitations set up by the designer, such as two brushes, grayscale palette, and 15×15 cm square format sends us back to art school composition exercises. Those that aim to say a lot with fewer means of expression, usually abstract shapes. In this project, even human figures are sometimes broken down into simpler forms, becoming just construction elements serving the single, higher purpose of creating a pure emotion in the locked area of an artboard.

They say it’s a goal for illustrators to stop constantly drawing themselves and to start observing and analysing the world around them instead. Nevertheless, this project became an unusual combination of the illustrator’s personal feelings at a certain moment and their subjective interpretation of other artists’ works.

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