Given the client’s expectations of a luxurious look and feel, there was the possibility of veering into kitsch and clichés. It was clear that the perfect visual for Experience England was something of a classical form, that would not be old-fashioned at the same time.

The fact that Experience England is closely tied to British heritage and traditions led us to a simple and elegant solution. Hand-written, signature-like script combined with a capitalised geometric grotesque makes a balanced wordmark, radiating the idea of quality and excellence. An ornate crown with the letter E woven into its shape serves as a unique symbol, used independently as well as together with the wordmark.

Experience England is indeed a representation of excellence and uniqueness, and it is reflected in the fusion of visual elements Ester brought together for them. Simple subdued colours and typeface, exuding quiet confidence and authority, downplayed and sotto voce. Royal blue and gold.

A solid, deep shade of blue that sets off the gold and emplaces it rather than clashing with its shininess. Gold could be regarded as tacky, but what else should a crown be made of?

To complete the picture, Ester’s graphic designers created a set of branded company documentation, ready for both digital and physical usage.

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