Before implementing the chosen design, we had to point out the problems that needed to be solved with our help. The website had to have a clear message which we formulated as following: to succeed in sales engineering, you need to be brave and embark on an arduous journey, and SalesHero can help you with that. We also had to implement various functional features that would allow the website to house information about training programs, as well as downloadable books and files.

The finished product presents itself as a history of one’s quest towards knowledge and career improvement. There are plenty of maps and nature-inspired visuals, as well as illustrations with various textures, gradients, and elements that fully show the exclusivity of the company’s approach.

Our team also worked on the company’s logo. We decided to go along with the fantasy theme and included a phoenix. The founder of the company used phoenix in the earliest brand packaging materials, so we connected the dots and used it on the website as well, putting our own creative spin on it. The red color used in the logo is present throughout the website as a contrasting color.

On top of that, we created a brand style guide that features not only rules for implementing brand identity on social media and presentations. We also had to include various tags and badges since one of the main ambitions of SalesHero is to provide people with knowledge and training.

As a result, this WordPress-powered website is both stunningly creative and highly functional, providing visitors with a provocatively appealing and wholesome user experience.

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