Creative Manager

Alex Halchenko

As a Creative Manager and Director of Ester's London office, I'm spearheading the process of elevating a young Estonian start-up into a globally recognised player that connects SMEs from different niches based in the US and UK with our creative teams. My work revolves around matching brands with their respective audiences, adding the final touches to creative concepts, and generating service quotes, reports, and proposals.
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Articles by Alex Halchenko

Why One-Man Design Subscription Agencies Don’t Work for the Majority of Businesses

The rise of one-man design subscription agencies has been something of a mixed blessing. A solo designer, brimming with creativity, promising to handle all your design needs on a subscription basis. It’s an attractive proposition for businesses looking for continuous design support. But here’s the rub: when the rubber meets the road, many of these...

Best Color Combinations
Discovering the Best Color Combinations in Web Design

When designing a website, developing a web application, or creating a logo, entrepreneurs always try to convey the main idea of their brand through effective color combinations, as everyone wants their business to be associated with a particular mood. For example, with a business that sells homemade sweets and cakes, you might associate something bright...

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Looking for a UI/UX Design Agency? Recommends Ester Digital

At Ester Digital, we strive to deliver impactful solutions that give our clients a competitive edge. We believe that effective UI/UX design is a critical part of any successful website or SaaS, and we’re thrilled to announce that our team has been recognized as one of the most promising UI/UX Designing Agencies by in...

Ester in Highlight: 2022 Recap

 We bet everyone agrees that the 2022 year has been anything but normal. The challenges it brought and world turmoil weren’t what we expected, as everything seemed to fall back into place after the pandemic. Still, it was also a year of firmness and courage that gave us hope. And now, it’s an ideal time...

What Is Conceptual Design | Photo
What Is Conceptual Design: Meaning, Process & Benefits 

Effective design demands more than just technical expertise and imagination. To truly captivate and linger in the minds of its viewers, it must possess meaning. This is because design inherently entails conveying visual messages to an audience. To achieve comprehension, these messages should communicate a central idea or core value that persists throughout all stages...

Clutch Recognizes Ester Digital as One of the Top 1000 Leaders for 2022

Here at Ester Digital, we deliver impactful solutions that can give you the best competitive edge. We first burst onto the scene back in 2015 and since then, we’ve had the pleasure of working with countless brilliant clients from all over the world. Because of our clients’ tremendous support, our team has unlocked different milestones...