Alex Halchenko

Creative Manager

Being a Creative Manager and one of the directors of Ester's London office, I'm heading the process of transforming a young Estonian start-up into a well-established global player that connects US&UK-based SMEs from various niches with our creative teams. So, in fact, I’m busy with matching brands with audiences, putting finishing touches to creative concepts and creating service quotes, reports and proposals.


Articles by Alex Halchenko


How to Design a Business Card

Imagine you are at a business conference, meeting new people and trying to promote your company. What is the quickest way to share your contact information and build lasting interactions with your potential customers? It is certainly a well-designed business card that will reflect who you are and represent your brand.  Of course, you may...

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How to Design an App Icon

Designing an app that no one would pass by isn’t as simple as making it just outstanding and innovative. People love visual stories, so here you should also think about an exclusive name, an appropriate description, and a memorable app icon. If you have been underestimating the latter, we have bad news since icon design...


How to Design an App in 6 Steps

Designing an app is always challenging, as it requires a complete understanding of what you can bring to the table. With all efforts made and knowledge implemented, you will withstand the competition to draw your clients’ attention. And only if you keep a close eye on the needs of potential users will you be able...


Design Tokens as a Powerful Design System Engine

In today’s hyper-competitive market, companies try to enroll as many digital channels to promote their products as possible. And it seems to be quite a rational strategy, but not always. The reason is that the more web platforms a business runs, the more inconsistencies and confusing deviations its customers may face. Luckily for both parties,...


E-Learning Websites: How To Design Them And Attract Students

The quality of education, along with the interactivity and variety of educational materials students receive directly depends on their involvement in the process. And if earlier these factors were fully influenced by the teacher’s expertise and skills, now, with the help of eLearning development services, such a negative experience of education can be avoided. It’s...


Web Design vs Web Development

Since 1991, when the first-ever online resource was launched, a lot has changed in the web design and development industry. The process of site-building has not remained the same: the close relation and importance of both web design and web development advance heavily. By now, there is a wide range of roles and skills needed...


CTA Design: How To Increase The Website Conversion

Any website has two main goals. The first is to attract visitors, while the second one is to convert those visitors into customers. A million users may visit the website, but if they don’t become clients, what’s the point of everything the company does? Is it worth nothing? Everyone involved in online sales is familiar...


Questions you need to ask clients before starting a web design project

Getting a new web design project is always exciting and intriguing. However, it can also be challenging. Before you dive into the creative process, you need to make sure you fully understand your client’s requests and their vision of the final result. There are lots of details to consider, and all of them matter. Making...

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