Ester in Highlight: 2022 Recap

Ester in Highlight

 We bet everyone agrees that the 2022 year has been anything but normal. The challenges it brought and world turmoil weren’t what we expected, as everything seemed to fall back into place after the pandemic. Still, it was also a year of firmness and courage that gave us hope. And now, it’s an ideal time to summon up achievements and plan for the future.

As 2022 is drawing to a close, here we are to look back at what we’ve done and celebrate Ester’s milestones.

Through our 12 months’ journey, we’ve tuned, learned, and accustomed to the dynamic landscape of web design & development. Our professional crew kept on improving their expertise and mastered the latest trends, like 3D, motion design, and animations, to bring out the best of our creativity. We don’t want to boast, but the assembly of development tools and techniques has evolved too, so we can assure we have everything to realize even the craziest ideas. By the way, if you have one — contact us, and we will make it a reality.

As we leaned into those proactive directions, our company entered new markets, and now we are happy to meet our clients in several countries, including the USA, UK, Estonia, and Germany. Most notably, we upgraded our brand identity to emphasize those changes and manifest our growth. From website design to business presentations, Ester Digital now shines brighter, and we promise we won’t stop.

Whereas rolling in ever-changing settings, we remained committed to our company philosophy and continued delivering tailored products and meaningful content. It is always our responsibility to effectively illustrate the clients’ brand values and messages, while also considering their business needs and corporate environments.

We can only do this through devoted communication and a strong understanding of the businesses and markets they operate in. Whilst they are experts in their fields, we should become the same, meaning confidently switching from real estate to automotive, and to healthcare. Spoiler: we really handled that well.

Working with the cyber industry, our team created a flawless website and new splendid branding for Lupovis, then rapidly switched to travel & tourism for the USA Guided Tours. We have also plunged into the blockchain sector and produced impressive designs for Infinite Games, a world-class game publisher who came to us again after the well-executed Umbrella project. Noble Thieves was another important milestone, where our design and development teams advanced their knowledge of the crypto market and the NFT.

Above all, we wouldn’t manage that without a desire to expand the horizons that our talents always reveal. A passion for what we do and a serious approach led us to extending our industry lineup, so now we can help more clients to take their products to the top.

This year, we welcomed new customers and cooperated with individual creators, small businesses, and big companies. But the most important thing here is that Ester Digital stays a reliable partner for a number of clients, including Garrison, Referral Exchange, RSVPify, and Real Estate Agents. 

Through time going, we continue to maintain good and trustworthy relationships, which tells us that we are on the right path. And the Clutch Leader Awards, where Ester Digital was officially recognized as one of the global top 1000 B2B leaders for 2022 proves it. 

Trying to assemble a year of work into a post is difficult. The reality is that we did a lot more than is written. Thousands of feature enhancements, bug fixes, performance improvements, and numerous design updates — all these Ester was up to.

And there is even more to come in 2023. 

Ester Digital is looking forward to sharing its expertise and experience, discoveries, and fascinating stories. We hope you will walk with us into a new promising season whatever it may bring.

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