Irene Baranova

Sr. Visual Designer & Brand Strategist

Irene Baranova

A professional artist, Irene is an expert in visual design. Custom illustrations, logos, UI/UX design - there is nothing she couldn’t manage with creativity and attention to clients. Outside of design, Irene is a passionate writer ready to share her experience in the Ester blog.


Irene Baranova

Articles by Irene Baranova


What is Experiential Branding: Top Examples And Strategies Guide

There are so many companies that provide different amazing products and services that it’s quite a challenge for clients to pick the one among such diversity. Meanwhile, hardly anyone can argue that every brand strives not just to deliver top-notch products but to make customers come back to make future purchases. A good branding strategy...


Typography in Web Design

All you have to do to notice the typography design is to look around. There are advertising banners on the street, food packages in the store, and fresh newspapers on the table with different fonts of text, shapes of the numbers, and line spacing. People face it everywhere and so often that they rarely pay...


The Grand Charm of Dark UI and How to Reach It

Did you know that the first computers in the world used a dark mode user interface? Back then, it was a mere necessity since there were no technologies able to efficiently illuminate the screens. Today, things drastically changed. Dark mode UI is now simply a preference that’s popular among a lot of web and mobile...


Trends In Web Design: Predictions For 2022 And Beyond

To make your website work effectively and beneficially, it must be not just user-friendly but also fresh and swanky in its design. Therefore, we can say that a good design should meet the criteria of convenient user experience along with its visual relevance. That is why the created resource shouldn’t look divorced from the current...


How to Design a Website Layout

The first steps in web design are always vital, and choosing the ideal layout is undoubtedly one of them. A website layout is a foundation that influences how users interact with your platform and whether that interaction is smooth or broken. But you don’t want it to be too complex to make visitors leave, right?...


Online Store: A Complete How-To-Start Guide

Today, for many trade spheres, transferring offline business to online is the only option to survive. Some, in this way, expand their field of activity, running both a brick-and-mortar store and opening an online one. Others simply close their offline stores and completely switch to the Internet. Time has shown that online sales are always...


How to Create a Small Business Website: A Crash Course

Creating online space for your business has never been more crucial than now, and it doesn’t even matter what kind of business you run. We live in a digital world, so your only choices are either surrender or adapt and use its possibilities to your advantage. Being progressive, bold, and creative can do no harm...


How to Master Form Design: Beginner’s Guide

Nowadays, people are so used to web forms of any kind that it’s hard to imagine a website without one. There are shipping forms, feedback forms, and registration forms, and it’s no wonder users are so familiar with all of them – almost every company has at least one form on its website. Web forms...

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