Irene Baranova

Sr. Visual Designer & Brand Strategist

Irene Baranova

A professional artist, Irene is an expert in visual design. Custom illustrations, logos, UI/UX design - there is nothing she couldn’t manage with creativity and attention to clients. Outside of design, Irene is a passionate writer ready to share her experience in the Ester blog.


Irene Baranova

Articles by Irene Baranova


Is There Still an Appetite for a Hamburger Menu?

Don’t be surprised when you hear that websites and apps have hamburgers inside. However, you can’t order them with fries – these are digital ones, and you implement them into your web platform functionality.  You probably have seen a three-lined icon at the top right- or left-hand corner of a website or app. By tapping...


How to Design a Hotel Website to Be a Magnet for Guests

Barely few tourists prefer to travel completely impromptu unless they seek highly intense experiences. The majority tends to follow the good old ‘forewarned is forearmed’ approach that eliminates any significant collapses and time and money expenditures on the way.  In other words, long before arriving in a destination country, it’s natural to look for all...


How to Impress Investors With a Great Pitch Deck

When you look at today’s business giants like Airbnb or Uber, it’s hard to imagine that they started out as small enterprises. Behind each of them there was an idea and unbelievable enthusiasm. However, they wouldn’t fully realize their potential without enough financing. By raising substantial financial backing, it’s possible to get the business off...


How to Design a Landing Page: Going Against All Odds

If we start counting how many products and services are introduced and advertised by companies every day, we would lose our mind. The short answer to this question is “a lot.” Since most of the info is consumed digitally, promoting your work online is an indisputably reliable strategy. But what is the best way to...


Homepage Design: How to Build an Effective Customer Generation Machine

What makes visitors stay on a website? The overall picture goes without saying. Excellent design with the perfect color palette and elegant typography comprise a significant part of a user’s positive perception. Splendid visuals, adding a pinch of drama, evoke an emotional resonance. Next, we have content with valuable insights. And what about functionality? You...


Minimalist Web Design: Make It Simple but Meaningful

Since the quarantine days urged us to reconsider our values and things that we want to be surrounded by, we tend to be consistent in our way of living and thinking. We started to cherish the simplicity and more valuable, less frivolous experiences in everything. In that context, the principle of “less is more” expands...


Web Design: Where to Start or How to Create a Website Without Going Crazy

Modern web design is a ferocious beast. Hard to tame, even harder to master, extremely hard to domesticate… Okay, that was way too dramatic. Great web design is not that difficult as some design coaches are trying to make you believe (to pump you for money, oops, no, we didn’t say that). It can be...


Logo Design, or 101 On How to Make an Incredible First Impression

With new brands emerging every day, customers can be confused by a sheer number of undistinguishable companies that the market is overflooded with. How can companies make themselves known and instantly recognizable? What can serve as a visual statement for their brand values? A logo is the answer. Imagining a brand without a logo is...

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